Creating a Beautiful Pool House

Outdoor swimming pools require a fair amount of maintenance. Between fishing out bugs and twigs, wrestling covers into place, and even cleaning up after a messy pool party, you can easily find yourself investing a lot of time and effort into your pool. Fortunately, you can cut down on your workload by taking the extra step in your pool design. Why leave your pool completely open and unprotected when you can build a pool house around it?

A well-designed pool house is an excellent way to protect your pool and store all your swimming accessories, all while providing an unmistakable touch of elegance to your yard. The style of pool house you choose will depend on what you need from it and how often you’ll use your pool. Here are a few things to consider before you get started building.

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Full Coverage vs. Open-Air Designs

While the term “pool house” evokes an image of an enclosed building around a pool, your design doesn’t have to match this standard. An open-air structure similar to a covered porch over your pool offers protection from the sun and keeps leaves out of the pool just as well as an enclosed house. A less complex backyard project may be complete with an open-air structure. But some homeowners go the extra mile and turn their pool house into a luxurious indoor pool space, complete with bathrooms, pool equipment storage, furniture, and more. Some even add bedrooms or living rooms to make the ultimate guest house! A more elaborate design may be a better choice for homeowners who frequently host guests or throw parties in the backyard.

Private Areas for Guests

Whether you turn your pool house into a guest room or not, you should consider your guests’ privacy. After a pool party, changing out of wet swimsuits in your house is inviting a huge mess. An outdoor shower, bathroom, or simply private room gives your guests room to change near the pool. They’ll thank you for not having to trek in and out of your house multiple times, and you’ll thank them for not tracking water into the house!

Pro Tip: Your custom pool house can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like! Design a luxurious experience for yourself and your guests.

Storage Space

In an enclosed pool house, storage is rarely an issue. There’s plenty of room for closets, boxes, or other methods of storing pool toys and essential supplies. But an open-air design can present more of a challenge. Without adding a room to your open design, your storage options may include small sheds, weatherproof storage units, or similar choices.

A Helpful Addition to Your Backyard

Some form of outdoor storage near your pool is essential to keep your supplies handy and protect them from the elements. Why not upgrade your current method into an elegant pool house that can keep the pool protected too, and even offer luxury features if you want? This decision will add significant value to your home and more party potential to your backyard.

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Spacious Pool House Floor Plans to Impress Your Guests

Pool houses for your backyard can serve multiple purposes. From providing an open, shaded area to an enclosed storage area or guest suite, any visitor to your backyard is sure to appreciate the functionality of a pool house. 

There’s no standard design for a pool house. Depending on how functional you want the space to be, you can choose from several different floor plans and styles for your backyard space. Let’s look at a few basic design choices and see which is the best for which circumstances.

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Completely Open

Technically, this may be more of a pergola, but some homeowners still consider it a pool house. This floor plan consists of an open-walled, shaded area covering the pool, a dining area, or an outdoor lounge space. This style is perfect for anyone who just wants to shade their pool or backyard without completely enclosing the space.

Partially Enclosed

Partially enclosing your pool house could mean including a bathroom or storage closet, walling in just one side, or other similar designs. This style could be used to provide a private restroom, changing area, or storage space right next to the pool while still providing shade and shelter from tree debris. On the other hand, this could be the perfect location for an outdoor kitchen. The partially enclosed space still allows for storage, but instead of pool supplies, you can keep food and cookware nearby.

Pro Tip: Your pool house doesn’t actually have to cover your pool. If you prefer, you can add it nearby as a complementing feature.

Completely Enclosed

For the homeowner who truly wants a miniature house in their backyard, a fully enclosed pool house is a perfect choice. With the right touch of interior design, you can transform the space into the ultimate guest house with a restroom, pull-out couch, or even a kitchenette. For a more simplistic approach, you can just enclose your pool and leave room for storage in the corners. Either way, your stunning pool house is sure to impress visitors! 

The Perfect Pool House Floor Plan for You

How often does your pool get used? More importantly, how often do you have guests over who might need extra room? Before you choose a specific pool house floor plan, assess your needs and the potential needs of your visitors. Each style is suited to a specific usage. Make sure your choice fits your needs.

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4 Reasons to Invest in a Covered Outdoor Living Area

As you design your ideal backyard, you’re probably considering several different ways to decorate. For plenty of Houston homeowners, a covered outdoor living area provides both practicality and comfort for a comfortable hangout spot. What can a covered space do for your backyard?

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Why a Covered Area is Part of the Perfect Backyard

A patio cover, cabana, or pergola adds a shady spot to your backyard and can complete an already accessorized outdoor living space. If you’re not sure your backyard needs one, consider what you might be getting by adding a covered area:

  1. Protection from the weather
  2. A comfy dining area or kitchen
  3. A more appealing pool
  4. An extension of your home or patio

1) Protection from the Weather

Houstonians are painfully aware of the constant heat and heavy rain that the summer brings. Don’t let the heat keep you from enjoying your backyard! A patio cover or similar structure lets you construct an outdoor living room to relax and enjoy the weather without enduring the sun or rain.

2) A Comfy Dining Area or Kitchen

Constructing your outdoor kitchen or dining room under a cover does more than let you use both during inclement weather. It also keeps both areas reasonably protected from falling leaves and twigs, protecting your food. Your family and guests will appreciate the outdoor atmosphere with the comfort of shade and protection.

3) A More Appealing Pool

If your backyard includes a swimming pool, a cover will help keep leaves and twigs out of your pool. But why stop with an arbor over your pool? Take the covering a step further with a pool house to partially or entirely enclose your pool, all but guaranteeing no debris can get in and providing you with a climate-controlled swimming area.

Pro Tip: Your pool house can be fully furnished to become an awesome guest house, or just enclose your pool and protect it from the elements.

4) An Extension of Your Home or Patio

Your covered patio or living space should reflect the rest of your house. Expert designers will ensure the colors and structures match or complement your home and other backyard decor for a truly seamless transition. Once construction is complete, your new outdoor room will feel like an extension of your house that just happens to be outside.

Attractive Patio Design

A covered outdoor living area can make your backyard feel complete and add an additional appeal. Whether you’re perfecting a dining area or just want a small cover for your hangout spot, the possibilities are endless.

Connect with us to see completed outdoor coverings and brainstorm your own ideas!

Transform Your Backyard Into the Go-To Hangout Spot

Ready to host summer parties for your friends and family? Why not have those parties in your newly redone backyard? Turn the yard into an outdoor living space with everything you need for a great hangout!

With a little preparation and redecoration, your backyard will have all the custom features and supplies for some great outdoor hangouts this summer. Get ready to make the neighborhood jealous!

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Water Features

If you don’t have a swimming pool in your backyard, why wait? If you already have one, considering adding a few unique features to catch your guests’ eyes. A few popular choices include:

  • Waterfalls
  • Bubblers
  • Underwater lights  

Fire and Lighting

Keep the mosquitos away and light up the night with an open flame! Add a firepit or bowl of fire to provide an extra bit of glamor and provide the chance to cook over an open fire. You can also opt to add electric lights if the fire isn’t quite enough. Your choices include:

Outdoor Cooking Space

Why not cook a nice dinner for your guests outside? A fully customizable outdoor kitchen will have all the functionality and features of your indoor kitchen! Choose from a variety of appliances and decor options:

Pro Tip: Don’t make your guests stand up to eat! Provide outdoor dining tables or stylish pool furniture for your backyard summer parties.


Stay safe from the Houston sun with a patio cover, pool house, or another source of shade. Your guests will appreciate the chance to enjoy the fresh air with a little less heat! Consider one of these customized features for your backyard:

Create a Backyard Paradise

A perfect backyard design looks different for everyone. Before you settle on any features, decide how many guests you’re likely to have and which features will get used most often. Make sure your backyard appeals equally to you and to your friends and family.

Looking for more inspiration for your new backyard? Join the conversation and browse photos of completed backyard makeovers!

Why You Should Build a Pool House, Creekstone Outdoor Living, Houston, TX

Why You Should Build a Pool House Near Your Pool

In Houston, swimming pools are almost a necessity to have in the summertime. If you already have a pool, you’ve probably seen custom features that can be added to make your pool more enjoyable. Have you considered building a pool house to enhance your outdoor space?

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A pool house can make your backyard feel like a luxurious resort. There are a number of ways that you can use the space. You can customize your pool house to match the overall theme of your backyard. A builder will work with you to make your vision a reality. Here are a few ways pool houses are fun and functional:

A Pool House is Great for Storage

Owning a pool means using lots of tools to keep it clean. You can easily store nets, chemicals, pool toys, and more in a pool house to keep them out of sight and away from weather damage. Pool houses are also useful for storing outdoor furniture in case of a storm or flood.

ProTip: When building your pool house, consider adding special shelves or cabinets to store extra cleaning supplies or towels.

Serves as a Convenient Changing Room

Rather than your guests entering your home after a fun swim– dripping wet and ready to change, your pool house serves as a changing area instead. You’ll be glad you don’t have to dry your floors or risk someone slipping in your home. Pool houses can be carpeted to absorb water and prevent wet feet from slipping. Add an outdoor shower so it’s easy to rinse off before getting in and out of the water.

Can Be Used as a Guest House

Pool houses are great for entertaining friends and family. Use the space for a guest house complete with a mini kitchen, bed or futon. A small bathroom would be useful for anyone using your pool. You can add a mini fridge for easy access to snacks and beverages without having to go inside your home! Your guests will also appreciate the privacy of a separate space if they will be staying overnight.

Use a Reputable Houston Pool Builder

Read online reviews to find a local outdoor design team you can trust. Ask to view a gallery and make sure you sign a contract. When you imagine your pool house, think about the specific details you’d like included in its design and features.

Contact a design expert to get started immediately!