If you’ve ever had company over for a swim in your backyard pool, then you know the struggle to keep the water in the pool! Even wrapped in towels, kids leave puddles of water on their way to the bathroom. Doors are left open, letting bugs in and air conditioning out! A pool house is the perfect marriage of form and function.  Your days of wiping floors and finding a place for all the pool toys are over!

Modern Luxury

A pool house is a symbol of refined luxury and convenience. Once a symbol of the ultra-elite, they’ve slowly made their way into the mainstream.  Modern pool houses have retained their luxurious appeal, and are the perfect way to maximize your pool.

Open Air or Enclosed

The first decision you need to make is whether to build a fully enclosed pool house around your pool or opt for something smaller.  While there are pros and cons to each, it depends on what’s convenient for you. In regions that experience a lot of rain, an enclosed pool house is a huge perk.  In drier areas, you may want to swim out in the sunshine.

Cohesive Design

The look of your pool house should somewhat mirror the look of your home.  Architectural elements should be similar, in order to maintain a cohesive design. If they look too different it will be obvious that the pool house was added on after the home was built, and that creates a bit of disconnect.

Keep Guests in Mind

A custom pool house should provide a private space for guests to change, shower, and use the restroom. While the idea of a modern glass structure is tempting, if it offers little in the way of privacy, you’ll see it go unused. If you’re building a large pool house, consider adding a guest bedroom. This adds significant value to your home and provides a private and convenient space for guests.

Maximize Storage Space

A practical element of a pool house is the ample storage they provide.  Pool towels, toys, and floaties can all be stored in one convenient location. You can also keep pool chemicals, tools and testing materials in your pool house.

Unique Details

Your pool house is the perfect opportunity to add unique details to set it apart.  A sound system, sauna, or fireplace can provide an unexpected element to the design. Even in a small space, a big impact is possible.

A pool house is the perfect marriage of form and function.

The Convenience of a Custom Built Pool House

A pool house is not only a convenient and valuable addition to your home, but it’s a statement. Working with an experienced builder can ensure that your vision is as perfect as you imagined it would be. Whether you opt for enclosed or detached, a custom built pool house it made with you and your family in mind.

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