Adding Shade to Your Space

There is nothing better than shade on a hot day in Texas. You can fall in love with your backyard again by adding a custom pergola, or arbor, that provides both style and protection.

Often times, pergolas and arbors can cost less than a patio cover while still giving you the comfort and design features you desire.

Custom Pergola Features

Building a custom pergola adds character and charm to your backyard while also providing several benefits and features. This simple structure gives your family and guests protection from the weather, ensuring their comfort at your next outdoor get-together.

Work with our design experts to choose the color, style, and type of pergola that’s perfect for your outdoor space.

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Exceptional Design Options

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A decorate arched joist.
Can be spaced closer to accommodate the use of polycarbonate roofing.
Double stacked beams from cedar, engineered, or even metal beams. It can also be painted and stained.
Can be made of solid wood or metal.

Stylize Your Pergola

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