Spacious Pool House Floor Plans to Impress Your Guests

Pool houses for your backyard can serve multiple purposes. From providing an open, shaded area to an enclosed storage area or guest suite, any visitor to your backyard is sure to appreciate the functionality of a pool house. 

There’s no standard design for a pool house. Depending on how functional you want the space to be, you can choose from several different floor plans and styles for your backyard space. Let’s look at a few basic design choices and see which is the best for which circumstances.

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Completely Open

Technically, this may be more of a pergola, but some homeowners still consider it a pool house. This floor plan consists of an open-walled, shaded area covering the pool, a dining area, or an outdoor lounge space. This style is perfect for anyone who just wants to shade their pool or backyard without completely enclosing the space.

Partially Enclosed

Partially enclosing your pool house could mean including a bathroom or storage closet, walling in just one side, or other similar designs. This style could be used to provide a private restroom, changing area, or storage space right next to the pool while still providing shade and shelter from tree debris. On the other hand, this could be the perfect location for an outdoor kitchen. The partially enclosed space still allows for storage, but instead of pool supplies, you can keep food and cookware nearby.

Pro Tip: Your pool house doesn’t actually have to cover your pool. If you prefer, you can add it nearby as a complementing feature.

Completely Enclosed

For the homeowner who truly wants a miniature house in their backyard, a fully enclosed pool house is a perfect choice. With the right touch of interior design, you can transform the space into the ultimate guest house with a restroom, pull-out couch, or even a kitchenette. For a more simplistic approach, you can just enclose your pool and leave room for storage in the corners. Either way, your stunning pool house is sure to impress visitors! 

The Perfect Pool House Floor Plan for You

How often does your pool get used? More importantly, how often do you have guests over who might need extra room? Before you choose a specific pool house floor plan, assess your needs and the potential needs of your visitors. Each style is suited to a specific usage. Make sure your choice fits your needs.

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7 Pool Party Games to Liven Your Next Backyard BBQ

It’s the end of summer and the weather is perfect for a backyard barbecue and spending time with friends and loved ones. Instead of just sitting around and watching the kiddos play in the pool at your next backyard barbecue, why not get everyone involved in some super fun pool party games?

Pool Party Games to Play

Why let the kids have all the fun? Grown-ups love games and challenges, too! There are endless ideas for pool party games at your next backyard barbecue--just get creative! Click To Tweet If you can’t seem to come up with any, here are seven simple pool party games that are easy and will guarantee that everyone has a great time!

  1. Empty Bottle Bowling
  2. Tug of War
  3. Pool Sports
  4. Pool Noodle Relay
  5. Scavenger Hunt
  6. Chicken Fight
  7. Outdoor Movie

1) Empty Bottle Bowling

This game is for those who don’t want to get wet, but still want in on the fun. After you have collected some empty soda or beer cans, set them up at the end of a walkway and have a game of bowling! Use a ball (or get creative and use various fruit) to knock down all the bowling pins. Take turns and keep score to see who knocks the most down!

2) Tug of War

Everyone loves an old-fashioned game of tug of war–and only the losers get wet! Stretch a long rope across the deep end of the pool. Divide your group in half and position each team on an end of the rope. Each team will pull until the stronger team is the only one standing dry on land.

3) Pool Sports

There are numerous, inexpensive and inflatable sports products for your pool on the market these days. Purchase an inflatable volleyball or basketball set and create some fun pool party games using them! Play a game of HORSE with the basketball set, or plan a mini volleyball tournament at your next backyard barbecue.

4) Pool Noodle Relay

Swimming races can be fun, especially if you use a pool noodle! Use a pool noodle under your arms or between your legs to float while swimming to the other side of the pool to add a challenge! For even more pool party fun, turn the race into a relay between teams!

5) Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a perfect way to ensure tons of fun at your next backyard barbecue and pool party! Hide various items throughout the yard, the pool house (and in the pool, too) and whoever locates the most items, wins!

6) Chicken Fight

Nothing beats an old-fashioned chicken fight! One person gets on another person’s shoulders (little ones love being up there), then proceeds to try to knock down the opposing team.

7) Outdoor Movie

It isn’t a game, but another great idea for your backyard barbecue is to set up an outdoor movie theatre. Your friends and family will love to watch a flick while floating in the pool or relaxing around the fire pit. Hang a large, white sheet to project the film, or roll out your big screen T.V. and let people enjoy a movie by moonlight.

Swimming Pool Games for Your Next BBQ

Everyone loves a backyard barbecue, but make it even more memorable by adding one or more of these fun pool party games that everyone of all ages will enjoy! Don’t just sit around talking and let the kids have all the fun–get everybody involved for the most unforgettable pool party yet.

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Top Reasons to Invest in a Complete Backyard Makeover

In the past, people have thought about curb appeal and making the front of their homes look nice, but these days, more and more people are taking their backyards into consideration, too. Your outdoor area should be an extension of your inside space, and here are some terrific reasons to invest in a complete backyard makeover.  

Avoiding A Mess

Investing in a backyard makeover will actually save you money and effort when it finally comes time to sell your home. By adding amenities like an outdoor kitchen, pool house, or gazebo, you have less lawn to mow and upkeep, while adding in shade areas and convenience.
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By planning your backyard and utilizing the space effectively, you can set up different areas for entertaining or just relaxing. Replace outdated materials and furniture to create a fresh look.

Easier Entertaining

A backyard makeover is a perfect way to make your backyard the ideal place for entertaining. An outdoor kitchen with all the amenities takes all the hassle out of outdoor dining or throwing a party. Adding an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area to your yard is a great investment for your outdoor space and will cut down on frequent trips inside the house to gather supplies. Outdoor bars are another great option if you like to enjoy beverages while entertaining family and friends.

A Place to Unwind

A backyard makeover can turn your outdoor living space into your favorite place to unwind. A comfortable sitting area or outdoor living room turns your yard into a year-round destination. A cabana or covered patio works perfectly to keep you shielded from the elements. And what better way to relax than sitting by your outdoor fire pit after a long day? Spending time outside has also shown health benefits like lowered stress and elevated moods.

Increase Home Value

Investing in a backyard makeover will boost your home’s value significantly. Home buyers are looking for houses with hardscape elements like patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and pool houses. And don’t forget how much landscaping elements boost home value when planning your backyard makeover! Landscaping features like bushes, flowers, and trees add instant curb appeal and can turn a drab yard into a colorful and comfortable place to be.

Invest in a Backyard Makeover

The bottom line is, investing in a backyard makeover just makes sense. Not only does it offer a place to unwind and entertain, but it also ensures a better return on your home when it finally comes time to put it on the market. Investing in a backyard makeover benefits everyone!

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5 Clever Outdoor Storage Ideas to Hide Your Stuff in Style

Keeping organized means getting creative with storage. Not only does this pertain to inside our homes, but outdoor storage and organization are equally important, also. Between pool equipment, firewood, garden tools, and all the rest of the stuff we end up collecting each year, people are always looking for clever ways to store and hide stuff. Learn how to incorporate beautiful design elements that double as sneaky storage solutions! Click To Tweet

Getting Clever With Outdoor Storage

If you have a lot of stuff in your home, you probably also have a lot outside, too. Here are five clever ways to hide all your outside goods, keeping them organized and out of view:


We are coming up on swimming season and what better way to store all those pool supplies, floats, and pool gear than in a pool house? Pool houses offer the perfect outdoor storage solution with shelves, cabinets, and functional furnishings. A pool house also allows a place of privacy for people to change into their swimsuits or dry off before coming into the house. Pool houses add tremendous value, both monetarily and aesthetic.


Outdoor kitchen storage is essential at keeping your outdoor kitchen supplies organized and clean. By getting cabinets built on to your outdoor kitchen, you are sure to have room for everything. Outdoor kitchen storage is perfect for cutting down trips inside the house. Everything you need will be outside in your custom built kitchen cabinetry–right where you need it!

Hidden Storage

Hidden storage chests and storage built into your custom built cabana is another perfect way to hide your outdoor stuff. Towels, outdoor furniture pillows and pads, and anything else you need stored remains hidden until you are ready to use them.

Firewood Cubby

Firewood can be a hassle to deal with and keep organized. Logs tumbling over or not staying where they’re supposed to be can cause a headache and look messy. A Firewood cubby is an ideal way to keep those logs in line. Patios with built-in shelving make the perfect firewood cubby and easily accessible.

Outdoor Bar

If you entertain regularly, an outdoor bar is the perfect outdoor storage idea for all your glasses, ice, and liquors. Outdoor bars can come with shelving, refrigerators, and cabinets, making it the perfect addition to your backyard.

Top Outdoor Storage Ideas

Although outdoor storage can seem like an issue, it doesn’t have to be. Between outdoor kitchen cabinetry, a pool house, and an outdoor bar, you will gain more space than ever to hide all that equipment and other things you store, but want to keep from view.

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Tips For a Stunning Custom Built Pool House

If you’ve ever had company over for a swim in your backyard pool, then you know the struggle to keep the water in the pool! Even wrapped in towels, kids leave puddles of water on their way to the bathroom. Doors are left open, letting bugs in and air conditioning out! A pool house is the perfect marriage of form and function.  Your days of wiping floors and finding a place for all the pool toys are over!

Modern Luxury

A pool house is a symbol of refined luxury and convenience. Once a symbol of the ultra-elite, they’ve slowly made their way into the mainstream.  Modern pool houses have retained their luxurious appeal, and are the perfect way to maximize your pool.

Open Air or Enclosed

The first decision you need to make is whether to build a fully enclosed pool house around your pool or opt for something smaller.  While there are pros and cons to each, it depends on what’s convenient for you. In regions that experience a lot of rain, an enclosed pool house is a huge perk.  In drier areas, you may want to swim out in the sunshine.

Cohesive Design

The look of your pool house should somewhat mirror the look of your home.  Architectural elements should be similar, in order to maintain a cohesive design. If they look too different it will be obvious that the pool house was added on after the home was built, and that creates a bit of disconnect.

Keep Guests in Mind

A custom pool house should provide a private space for guests to change, shower, and use the restroom. While the idea of a modern glass structure is tempting, if it offers little in the way of privacy, you’ll see it go unused. If you’re building a large pool house, consider adding a guest bedroom. This adds significant value to your home and provides a private and convenient space for guests.

Maximize Storage Space

A practical element of a pool house is the ample storage they provide.  Pool towels, toys, and floaties can all be stored in one convenient location. You can also keep pool chemicals, tools and testing materials in your pool house.

Unique Details

Your pool house is the perfect opportunity to add unique details to set it apart.  A sound system, sauna, or fireplace can provide an unexpected element to the design. Even in a small space, a big impact is possible.

A pool house is the perfect marriage of form and function.

The Convenience of a Custom Built Pool House

A pool house is not only a convenient and valuable addition to your home, but it’s a statement. Working with an experienced builder can ensure that your vision is as perfect as you imagined it would be. Whether you opt for enclosed or detached, a custom built pool house it made with you and your family in mind.

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