It’s the end of summer and the weather is perfect for a backyard barbecue and spending time with friends and loved ones. Instead of just sitting around and watching the kiddos play in the pool at your next backyard barbecue, why not get everyone involved in some super fun pool party games?

Pool Party Games to Play

Why let the kids have all the fun? Grown-ups love games and challenges, too! There are endless ideas for pool party games at your next backyard barbecue--just get creative! Click To Tweet If you can’t seem to come up with any, here are seven simple pool party games that are easy and will guarantee that everyone has a great time!

  1. Empty Bottle Bowling
  2. Tug of War
  3. Pool Sports
  4. Pool Noodle Relay
  5. Scavenger Hunt
  6. Chicken Fight
  7. Outdoor Movie

1) Empty Bottle Bowling

This game is for those who don’t want to get wet, but still want in on the fun. After you have collected some empty soda or beer cans, set them up at the end of a walkway and have a game of bowling! Use a ball (or get creative and use various fruit) to knock down all the bowling pins. Take turns and keep score to see who knocks the most down!

2) Tug of War

Everyone loves an old-fashioned game of tug of war–and only the losers get wet! Stretch a long rope across the deep end of the pool. Divide your group in half and position each team on an end of the rope. Each team will pull until the stronger team is the only one standing dry on land.

3) Pool Sports

There are numerous, inexpensive and inflatable sports products for your pool on the market these days. Purchase an inflatable volleyball or basketball set and create some fun pool party games using them! Play a game of HORSE with the basketball set, or plan a mini volleyball tournament at your next backyard barbecue.

4) Pool Noodle Relay

Swimming races can be fun, especially if you use a pool noodle! Use a pool noodle under your arms or between your legs to float while swimming to the other side of the pool to add a challenge! For even more pool party fun, turn the race into a relay between teams!

5) Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a perfect way to ensure tons of fun at your next backyard barbecue and pool party! Hide various items throughout the yard, the pool house (and in the pool, too) and whoever locates the most items, wins!

6) Chicken Fight

Nothing beats an old-fashioned chicken fight! One person gets on another person’s shoulders (little ones love being up there), then proceeds to try to knock down the opposing team.

7) Outdoor Movie

It isn’t a game, but another great idea for your backyard barbecue is to set up an outdoor movie theatre. Your friends and family will love to watch a flick while floating in the pool or relaxing around the fire pit. Hang a large, white sheet to project the film, or roll out your big screen T.V. and let people enjoy a movie by moonlight.

Swimming Pool Games for Your Next BBQ

Everyone loves a backyard barbecue, but make it even more memorable by adding one or more of these fun pool party games that everyone of all ages will enjoy! Don’t just sit around talking and let the kids have all the fun–get everybody involved for the most unforgettable pool party yet.

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