As you design your ideal backyard, you’re probably considering several different ways to decorate. For plenty of Houston homeowners, a covered outdoor living area provides both practicality and comfort for a comfortable hangout spot. What can a covered space do for your backyard?

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Why a Covered Area is Part of the Perfect Backyard

A patio cover, cabana, or pergola adds a shady spot to your backyard and can complete an already accessorized outdoor living space. If you’re not sure your backyard needs one, consider what you might be getting by adding a covered area:

  1. Protection from the weather
  2. A comfy dining area or kitchen
  3. A more appealing pool
  4. An extension of your home or patio

1) Protection from the Weather

Houstonians are painfully aware of the constant heat and heavy rain that the summer brings. Don’t let the heat keep you from enjoying your backyard! A patio cover or similar structure lets you construct an outdoor living room to relax and enjoy the weather without enduring the sun or rain.

2) A Comfy Dining Area or Kitchen

Constructing your outdoor kitchen or dining room under a cover does more than let you use both during inclement weather. It also keeps both areas reasonably protected from falling leaves and twigs, protecting your food. Your family and guests will appreciate the outdoor atmosphere with the comfort of shade and protection.

3) A More Appealing Pool

If your backyard includes a swimming pool, a cover will help keep leaves and twigs out of your pool. But why stop with an arbor over your pool? Take the covering a step further with a pool house to partially or entirely enclose your pool, all but guaranteeing no debris can get in and providing you with a climate-controlled swimming area.

Pro Tip: Your pool house can be fully furnished to become an awesome guest house, or just enclose your pool and protect it from the elements.

4) An Extension of Your Home or Patio

Your covered patio or living space should reflect the rest of your house. Expert designers will ensure the colors and structures match or complement your home and other backyard decor for a truly seamless transition. Once construction is complete, your new outdoor room will feel like an extension of your house that just happens to be outside.

Attractive Patio Design

A covered outdoor living area can make your backyard feel complete and add an additional appeal. Whether you’re perfecting a dining area or just want a small cover for your hangout spot, the possibilities are endless.

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