4 Patio Designs to Complement Your Home

You’ve decided to install a patio space or update your old one. Now comes the next question: which style is best? Some will mesh nicely with your home and last for years to come, while other styles are simply less visually appealing or durable. How can you choose the right design and construction materials for your new patio?

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Common Patio Styles

Your home design and overall backyard aesthetic will influence which construction materials you choose for your patio cover. However, you must also consider durability. Will your new patio stand the test of time? How often will it require repairs? Take the time to research each of these popular styles:

  1. Wood
  2. Pavers
  3. Flagstone
  4. Concrete

1) Wood

Wood is a classical deck building material that perfectly complements a rustic-style backyard. A well-built wooden deck can last for about 15 years without needing extensive reworking. And nothing beats the natural colors of solid wood!

2) Pavers

Bricks or flat stones called pavers are laid flat and lined up with each other to create a paver patio. This design has endless potential for creativity. Differently colored stones, differently shaped stones, and custom layout patterns all contribute to a patio deck that is uniquely yours. Just make sure the stones have a sturdy, flat surface to lay on so your patio will last for years without issue.

3) Flagstone

Flagstone patios are similar to pavers in a way, but their design is slightly different. A flagstone pattern is designed to allow water to trickle through and out of the design, rather than simply running off like it would on other materials. Because of its durability and its lovely earth tones that seem to complement any backyard, flagstone is a popular choice for patio materials.

Pro Tip: Flagstone patios use concrete to hold the stones in place, while paver patios only press the stones together without any binding agent.

4) Concrete

Perhaps the most straightforward patio design, a concrete patio involves just pouring and setting a slab of concrete in your backyard. This design isn’t quite as ideal as it may sound. While the installation process doesn’t require a huge amount of time or effort, a solid slab of concrete is somewhat brittle compared to other patio designs and can crack or split with time. You may need to replace or significantly renovate a concrete patio in a few years.

Designing Your New Patio

Choosing the right style and construction materials are crucial steps toward creating your new outdoor space. Your patio should complement your home and be durable enough to last for years without significant repairs. Find your favorite style and start enjoying your new patio!

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3 Options for Creating a Shaded Backyard Hangout Spot

Houston summers present homeowners with a dilemma. On the one hand, there are ample chances to catch some sun and enjoy clear skies. On the other hand, the famous Houston heat can make spending too long outdoors unbearable. What’s the best solution? Plenty of homeowners are choosing to add shaded outdoor spaces to their backyards, allowing them to enjoy fresh air without getting sunburned. Let’s take a look at a few possible ideas for backyard shade!

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A Comfortable Outdoor Living Space

Even during the hottest part of Houston summers, adequate sun protection goes a long way toward providing comfort outside. Why not block the sun with a custom patio cover or pergola? Not only will you have immediate sun protection, but your new shade structure will provide a sheltered area all year round for future gatherings! Check out these common backyard shade ideas:

  1. Patio covers
  2. Pergolas
  3. Arbors

1) Patio Covers

If you already have a patio or are planning to add one soon, your best choice might be a patio cover. These shade structures match your house and can even be attached to the house if you so choose. They provide excellent shade and essentially give you an outdoor living room or dining area with open walls.

Pro Tip: A patio cover is the perfect finishing touch to an outdoor kitchen! Cook and host outdoors whenever you want, rain or shine.

2) Pergolas

Pergolas are large shaded structures similar to a patio cover at first glance. However, their design is rather different. Instead of solid pillars and a shingled roof, pergolas boast a more cagelike appearance, designed to support climbing plants. Pergolas also don’t have solid rooftops like patio covers. While they still block out the worst of the sun without completely leaving you in darkness, pergolas won’t keep you from getting a bit wet during a storm.

3) Arbors

For anyone with a smaller backyard or simply a smaller space to turn into an outdoor room, an arbor may be the way to go. Think of an arbor like a smaller pergola, designed to hold climbing plants and let in some sun while still providing a good amount of shade. Arbors don’t tend to cover a lot of space, so they’re best used for a smaller hangout spot like a reading nook or to cover a garden bench.

Don’t Miss Out on Sunny Days!

Houston’s infamous summer heat may make time in the sun a little uncomfortable, but don’t let the heat chase you indoors all summer! A shaded outdoor space allows you to enjoy fresh air and sunshine without exposing yourself to scorching heat or heavy summer rain. Get in touch with our team to see which style is best for you.

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Pergola vs Patio Cover: Choose Your Outdoor Kitchen Roof

No outdoor living space is complete without some shade! If you’re designing an entertainment space in your backyard, installing a covering is a great way to add style and functionality. Between a pergola and patio cover, the two structures may sound essentially the same. However, understanding the differences will help you choose the right outdoor covering for your living areas.

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Pergola or patio cover? Which outdoor covering is right for your home? Where the pergola might add character with its open rafters, a patio cover brings functionality and protection. Both pergolas and patio covers have benefits, but depending on your lifestyle, there’s undoubtedly one that is right for you.

Pergola vs Patio Cover: Choose Your Outdoor Kitchen Roof, Creekstone, Outdoor Living, Spring, TX

What is a Pergola?

Interestingly, a pergola is usually not defined as a “roof”. Because it is built from a frame with open rafters, it can’t fully protect from weather elements. It can, however, bring shade to your backyard or garden area. A pergola can either be a freestanding structure or attached to your home, depending on the design. Choose from a wide range of high-quality wood stains or rust-proof iron elements to build a pergola with character and style in your outdoor living area.

What is a Patio Cover?

Compared to a pergola, a patio cover is essentially an extension of your home. The roof of a patio cover is usually covered with asphalt shingles to match the attached home or garage and is attached to the exterior siding. Patio covers range in design and customized features including stone, wood stains, height, and built-in light fixtures. To add shade and protection from the rain, a patio cover is a great addition to any outdoor kitchen or living space.

Pro Tip: Design a patio cover to bring your outdoor kitchen, living, and dining areas together under a single roof.

Deciding on an Outdoor Roof

Choosing between a pergola or patio cover depends ultimately on your use. How will you use your outdoor space? If you plan to spend time with your friends and family outdoors, shade is an absolute must but the outdoor roof can vary.

Pergolas are usually less expensive, can be customized for small spaces, and can even house climbing plants. A patio cover, however, is built to fully protect your outdoor living space and is a permanent addition to a home.

Outdoor Living in the Greater Houston Area

Whether you’re adding a covering over your outdoor kitchen or creating a defined space for hanging out, the choice of covering ultimately depends on you. Both a pergola and patio cover offer shade, functionality, and style to your unique backyard. Once you figure out how you’ll be using your back patio and which coverage works best, it’s time to build!

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Why You Need a Pool Cabana During Texas Summers

Houston weather is wildly unpredictable, as any Houstonian will know. One day the weather might be perfect for a long walk or swim. Meanwhile, the next day will be unbearably hot or filled with heavy rain. Too often, our enjoyment (or lack thereof) of the outdoors hinges on whether or not the weather is cooperating. That doesn’t have to be the case.

Don’t let bad weather chase you inside! With a poolside cabana, you can continue enjoying the fresh outdoor air regardless of rain or sun. Take a look at what installing a new cabana can do for your backyard!

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Relax Outdoors in Protection

Everybody loves a little fresh air, but far fewer people love the heat they have to endure to get that fresh air in Houston. Fortunately, a cabana gives you the best of both worlds! With plenty of shade from the sun and covering from the rain, you can relax outside and enjoy the pleasant summer air without exposure to the less pleasant summer weather. Plenty of homeowners even add ceiling fans to their cabanas for a pleasant breeze!

Increase Your Storage Space & Property Value

Homes that come with a pool, outdoor kitchen, or other custom features have slightly more resale value than the neighbors’ homes would. Installing a cabana can similarly increase your property value. People love the chance to party in comfort outside!

Additionally, a cabana doesn’t have to be open on all sides. Installing even one or two partial walls gives you a little extra storage space protected from the rain. When you aren’t using your grill, bike, or other outdoor valuable, just put it under the cabana for safekeeping.

Pro Tip: Take your cabana a step further by adding a single-stall restroom, small storage closet, or even planting a garden in its shade! Impress your guests with your creativity.

Host Stylish Parties

Your guests aren’t any more thrilled about unpleasant summer weather than you are. With a cabana, you can offer to host dinners or parties in more places than just your crowded kitchen. Bring your friends outside for some fresh air and enjoy the pleasant weather in comfort and style!

Design Your New Cabana!

Your perfectly designed custom backyard just needs one more feature to be complete: a cabana to let you enjoy the outdoors without exposure to the elements. Take advantage of this versatile and stylish backyard feature to make the best of your personal space!

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Patio Problems: When to Repair and When to Renovate

Is your patio old and outdated? Is your paver patio cracked, leaving it uneven and causing a tripping hazard for your friends and family? Or is your wooden patio warped and aged and giving people splinters when they walk barefoot? Just like everything else in your home, your patio needs maintenance and upkeep. You might be asking: Can these patio problems be fixed by a simple repair, or do I need to renovate?

How Big is Your Patio Problem?

To determine whether your patio issue can get by with a repair or if you need to take the plunge and just get it renovated, you must first assess the different types of patio problems to determine what you are experiencing. Here are five common patio problems so you can better determine what the best plan of action is for you.

Different Types of Patios & Their Problems

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  1. Failing Flagstone
  2. Shifting Patio Pavers
  3. Cracked Concrete
  4. Warped Wooden Decking

1) Failing Flagstone

Flagstone is a popular choice for patios because of its natural look and earthy, timeless appearance. Unfortunately, flagstone is subject to erosion, and without proper installation, you might run into drainage problems, as well as splitting. To determine whether your flagstone simply needs little repair work or if it’s time to renovate, contact a local landscape professional to discuss your options.

2) Shifting Patio Pavers

Paver and brick patios look terrific, but after some time, the pavers settle, leaving dips and uneven areas, and even create tripping hazards. In order to repair this patio problem, you need to remove the old bricks so you can re-establish a firm base. This can be a tedious and time-consuming endeavor. Consider hiring a professional to complete this job–whether you opt for a repair, or to do a full patio renovation.

3) Cracked Concrete

Concrete patios can create a number of patio issues. After time, the concrete can end up with cracks, holes, and pitting. When this occurs, you have the option of filling the cracks or completely resurfacing it. Another option is to install something completely different on top of the cracked and aging cement, like interlocking tiles to prevent further cracking in the future.

4) Warped Wooden Deck

According to statistics, there are over 40 million wooden decks in the United States that are over 20 years old. The typical life expectancy of a wooden deck or patio is approximately 15 years. If yours falls around this age, it is a good time to have your patio renovated to prevent rotting beams and other issues that revolve around aging wood.

Patio Repairs & Renovations

Whether you decide to repair or renovate your patio, it is always best to talk to a professional first. If you decide on a renovation, you should also consider upgrading your outdoor space by adding a patio cover, or even an outdoor kitchen. You can never go wrong with making upgrades to your outdoor living space!

Contact us to learn more about whether your patio problems can be resolved through repairs, or if you need a renovation.