Your Guide to Outdoor Room Construction

Adding an outdoor room is the perfect way to give your outdoor living space much-needed shade, a comfortable seating area, or dining spot for your outdoor kitchen. Knowing how to prepare is an important element in making sure the construction process goes on without a hitch. Share on X

Getting Ready for An Outdoor Room Construction

So you’ve decided to have an outdoor room constructed. You might be excited but wondering the best way to prepare. While your design team will help prepare you (and do most of the prep work), there are some basics that many people forget about. Follow this guide to getting ready for the construction process.

Learn the Schedule

Make sure to learn the construction schedule. What days will they be working, and which hours of the day? Make sure to coordinate potentially disruptive stages and plan accordingly.

Alarm Codes & Keys

Make sure to provide contractors with the proper alarm codes and keys to effortlessly gain access to the backyard and any other areas they might need to get to.

Worksite Safety

A worksite is a dangerous place and it is important that if you are on site that you wear proper safety protection to prevent injuries and accidents.

Pets & Children

A construction site is no place for children or pets to run around. Make sure to keep little ones and four-legged friends out of the construction site.

Parking Availability

Make sure that those working in your new outdoor room have enough parking available at the times they need it. Move your cars in order to make space for their vehicles while loading and unloading supplies.

Do You Part

Before the construction begins, make sure to pick up any debris in the area that is having work done. Cover or remove any outdoor furniture and move any plants or containers that might get in the way.

Your Perfect Outdoor Room Construction

By following these above tips, your outdoor room construction will come together perfectly. Make sure to communicate regularly with your outdoor living company and you’ll be enjoying your newly constructed outdoor room in no time!

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The Advantages of Indoor – Outdoor Living

Your home isn’t only what is within the walls of your house–it also includes your yard, too.  According to a 2017 consumer survey, homebuyers are craving outdoor, green spaces. Over 56% people surveyed said they would forgo a larger home if it did not have the outdoor living area they desired. #OutdoorLiving is more popular than ever, adding usable space to your own backyard. Share on X

Blend Your Indoor – Outdoor Living Spaces

There are numerous reasons to create a blended outdoor and indoor living space. Here are just a few of the advantages of merging your indoor and outdoor living space.

Seamless Transition

A home with a seamless transition between the indoor and outside living area is the hottest trend, and it won’t be going anywhere soon. Open spaces with glimpses of nature appeal to all ages and makes a home feel comfortable and relaxed. It allows natural light to spill in and can be accomplished through sliding glass doors, the continuation of flooring, and also of the color scheme.

Easier Entertaining

One of the top reasons to combine your inside and outdoor living spaces is for ease and accessibility. Things like an outdoor kitchen, dining area with tables and chairs, and a comfortable lounge area make entertaining simple and enjoyable. Friends and family won’t be running in and out of the house because everything is right where you need it.

Expand Your Living Space

By bringing indoor functions outside, your outdoor space feels like an extension of your home. This can easily be done by adding a patio cover or pergola to give you a shaded spot to sit and relax. Adding to your outdoor space gives you more places to do work, entertain, or just relax after a long day.

Nature’s Health Benefits

There has been a plethora of research to prove that spending time in and around nature has benefits. Views of plants, water, and greenery have been found to boost positive feelings, reduce stress, and actually reduce healing times for people who are ill. These benefits are just one of the many reasons to create an indoor/outdoor oasis at your home.

Higher Home Value

As mentioned above, everyone is looking for a home that brings the indoors out and seamlessly transitions between the two. With that new outdoor kitchen, an outdoor living room and the ability to expand your living space by combining the two, your home value is certain to go up.

Benefits of Indoor/Outdoor Living

By taking your indoor rooms outside and opening up the inside with touches and glimpses from your backyard, you can take advantage of all the benefits indoor/outdoor living offers.

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7 Tips to Get Your Outdoor Space Summer Ready

There is no denying that summer is upon us with the increase in temperature and unending sunshine. Summertime is perfect for entertaining friends and family, and spending time outside celebrating and having fun.Don't let another summer go by with a subpar backyard. Make this the year you upgrade your outdoor space! Share on X

Is Your Outdoor Area Summer Ready?

Sure we all want to soak up the rays and spend time in the backyard, but is your outdoor space ready for entertaining? Getting your outdoor area ready for enjoying, follow these top seven tips, and you’ll be inviting people over in no time!

1) Clean It Up

Before you do anything else, you have to give your outdoor area a cleanup. Pick up debris, pressure wash your deck or patio and tidy up your lawn to help welcome in the summer months.

2) The Perfect Patio

Create the perfect patio and place for relaxation by updating your patio. After cleaning it up and getting rid of the junk that has accumulated all winter, make it an area you can relax with friends or take a break from the sun. Consider having a custom patio cover to instantly transform your outdoor living space.

3) Outdoor Dining Area

Take your outdoor entertaining to the next level by having a custom outdoor kitchen installed. Having a grill, refrigerator, storage and other amenities lets you entertain in style and with ease. Friends and family will flock to your home and beg you to have parties for them to attend with your new outdoor kitchen. Plus, outdoor cooking is fun!

4) Comfortable Seating

Seating can make all the difference when it comes to summer entertaining in your outdoor space. Without comfortable seating, people won’t want to stick around. Not only should your seating be comfortable, but make sure you have enough, too. Rearrange seating in various areas for easy flow.

5) Add Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an easy and quick way to dress up your yard and get it summer ready. There are so many lighting options to choose from these days, from LED’s to garden lights, and wall sconces. String lights look great in small spaces and patios.

6) Beverage Bar for Outdoor Entertaining

Turn your outdoor space into the ultimate hot spot by adding a beverage bar! A beverage bar is a necessity for your entertaining area and the perfect summer party. Having an outdoor beverage station cuts down on trips inside and makes hosting much easier!

7) Add A Splash

Get your outdoor space summer ready by adding a swimming pool! What better way to cool off than taking a dip in your new custom pool? Pools are also great for parties and entertaining friends and family, too.

Get Ready For Summer

Summer is here and it is time to get your outdoor space ready for relaxing, having fun, and entertaining. By cleaning up, and adding a few of these features your outside area, you will be planning a get together in no time!

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The Key to Creating Outdoor Ambiance

Summer is here and that means spending more time outside. Whether you are just relaxing after a long day at work or throwing a Fourth of July party, it is important to create the proper ambiance in your outdoor space. A little effort towards making your outdoor space welcoming can go a long way. Share on X

Creating Ambiance in Your Outdoor Space

Your outdoor living space is easy to turn into the perfect summer oasis when you know how to create the perfect ambiance. Here are a few top tips for creating the perfect summer oasis right in your backyard.

Make a Plan

Before you do anything, consider your space and what you plan to use it for. Think about the size of the space, and what you intend to do in your outside space. Are you wanting to use it for a quiet refuge, or do you plan to entertain with a cookout with friends and family? Knowing all this beforehand will help you visualize and create the outdoor ambiance you desire.

The Perfect Landscaping

When it comes to creating ambiance, adding colorful flowers, vines, and container plants will add instantly update your space, adding color and lush ambiance. Choose plants to fit with your desired feel to create a more charming place to spend time.

Designated Seating Space

No one will want to spend time in your outdoor space if there is not an area to sit and relax! The key to creating a place people want to spend time is to have comfortable seating available. Get creative and add lounge chairs, a hammock, or a Papasan for the ultimate ambiance.

Al Fresco Dining Area

If you have space, the easiest way to add ambiance is to set up an area for al fresco dining. An outdoor kitchen with a bar and seating is the number one requested feature for home buyers these days. Who doesn’t love eating dinner under the stars? Having an outdoor kitchen not only adds ambiance but is sure to boost your home value, too.

Adding Ambiance With Fire

A fire pit or outdoor fireplace is the perfect way to add instant ambiance! Everyone loves sitting around a cozy fire and sharing conversation! Add a custom fire pit or fireplace and set up comfortable seating around it to create the ideal relaxation spot!

A Shady Destination

No one likes sitting in the hot sun. Adding some shade to your outdoor living area is one of the top ways to add ambiance and make your backyard the number one place to be. It’s easy to add shade to your outdoor space with a pergola or patio cover.

Mood Lighting

Illuminate your outdoor space to give it an impressive ambiance. There are a variety of lighting options on the market these days, from string lights, solar lights, LED, and more! Add lights throughout your landscaping, on your walls, or strung from your pergola or arbor.

Creating Outdoor Ambiance is Easy

It is simple to create outdoor ambiance in your outside space, especially when you first make a plan and decide how your yard will be used. Once you figure that out, the rest is easy! With a fire pit, an al fresco dining area, mood lighting and some decorative landscaping, your yard is sure to be the perfect ambiance for all your backyard desires.

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Preparing Your Home for Summer Guests

The summer months are upon us, and with that comes summer guests and entertaining! Having friends and family visit can be the highlight of your summer–especially when your home is properly prepared and ready for entertaining. Look around your backyard. Is it ready for cookouts and lazy summer days surrounded by family and friends? Share on X

Welcoming Guests This Summer

Entertaining guests this summer doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal or give you a headache. By getting your home ready for summer beforehand takes all the stress away from when people decide to pop in for a visit! Get your home prepared easily when you follow these top five tips.

1) Consider The First Impression

Think about what your guests will see when they first arrive, and clean it up! Make sure to tidy up your front porch and entry area so they feel welcomed and relaxed. You don’t have to have everything perfect, but maybe dust the cobwebs from the corner and sweep up a bit!

2) Set Up Your Guest Room

Of course, you want your guest to feel comfortable at night when they are sleeping. Put a little extra effort into making their guest room special. Make sure they have adequate lighting, enough pillows and blankets, and some music to help lull them to sleep. Make sure their room is tidy and free of dust and clutter. Also, give your guests plenty of privacy in the evenings and early mornings.

3) A Tidy Bathroom

Clean up and designate a bathroom just for your guests. Make sure to remove any personal belongings and leave them plenty of towels, toilet paper, a night light, new toothbrushes, and anything else they might need during their stay. Add a small bouquet of flowers to add a special touch, as well as a nice scent.

4) Update Your Outdoor Space

Summer guests mean summer-time outdoor fun! Get your backyard ready for outdoor entertaining with a comfortable outdoor seating area under your covered patio or pergola. Or, add an outdoor kitchen for the perfect summer cookouts.Make sure to have plenty of food ready to cook and grill up when guests get hungry. Add oversized pillows or your outdoor entertainment area for a comfortable escape and retreat for you and your guests to catch up and relax in.

5) Communication Is Key

The key to getting your home ready for summer guests is to communicate with them to see what they need. Check on any food allergies or menu requests. Inform your guests of what they should suspect when they arrive, the mornings and breakfast, and the rest of their time at your home. Find out how long they plan to stay with you and plan accordingly.

Preparing Your Home for Summer

You will want to give your whole house a quick clean up, but make sure to focus on the areas your guests will spend most their time, like the guest room, guest bathroom, outdoor kitchen and lounging space. Make sure to do what you can to make your guests feel at home.
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