How to Host an Epic Summer Cookout

Texas summers start early, so there is no better time to start planning your epic summer cookout than now! Whether you are cooking for close family or entertaining a big crowd, planning ahead is the surefire way to make sure your outdoor entertaining goes flawlessly. Click To Tweet

Plan Ahead

A little planning can go a long way when it comes to preparing your summer cookout. Getting together a game-plan ahead of time can save you time and frustration. Here are some simple things to consider to make sure you are completely prepared for your epic summer cookout!

Prepare Your Outdoor Space

The first step for your summer cookout is to clean up your outdoor space. Mow the lawn, clean or update patio furniture, rake leaves, and pick up debris and toys. And, even though you are not entertaining inside, it is also a good idea to pick up inside entryway, kitchen, and bathroom, just in case.

Stock the Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens make outside entertaining easy, especially when you have it stocked and ready for cooking! Make sure all your needed utensils, sauces, spices and other things are all ready for your special summer cookout. It is also a good idea to have your grill and ovens cleaned and ready for cooking.

Provide Plenty of Entertainment

Keep your guests entertained! Yard games for kids and adults, a television in the outdoor living room, or a pool are just a few examples of ways to keep your friends and family having a fun time. Make sure to play some music that fits with your party. If you are firing up the grill to barbeque with potato salad and grilled vegetables on the side, you might want some upbeat country music playing. Or if you’re firing up the pizza oven, maybe play some classic Italian tunes to get people in the mood.

Ample Seating

When entertaining outside, don’t forget the seating! People need to be able to relax and enjoy their dinner, or while chatting over a glass of wine while the kids splash around the pool. Make sure to have plenty of seating, and get creative with your outdoor decor. A themed party makes outdoor entertaining even more exciting. If a Hawaiian luau is your theme, spruce up plain folding chairs and tables with fake grass hula skirts! Set up a bowling game using coconuts as bowling balls. There’s no limit to the creative ideas you can bring to life. At night take the party to your custom fire pit, where guests can gather around a glowing fire and talk, dance or laugh the night away.

Plan Your Menu

When thinking about your menu, consider everyone who will be attending. Does anyone have special dietary restrictions? Are there any allergies? Plan ahead by asking your guests and planning your menu around them–making sure that everyone will enjoy what is being served. Another idea is to have guests bring a side item or dessert while you, the host, provides the main course.

Open Bar

Like your food menu, make sure you have plenty of beverages for your guests, too. Sodas, beer, wine, lemonade, or iced tea, are all good to have available.If you plan to make cocktails and other mixed drinks, don’t forget your ice and mixers!

Summer Cookout Fun

Summer is for getting together with loved ones and friends and what better way to entertain than with an epic summer cookout? By following the above suggestions when planning your party and get together, you are certain to have a blast, enjoying good food and each other’s company.

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Custom Home Addition Ideas To Enhance Your Backyard

With the beautiful spring weather upon us, many of us are spending more time outside. Creating a stylish and relaxing space in the backyard provides an oasis for family and friends and can also increase the appeal of your home. By upgrading or adding an outdoor structure, you can instantly update your backyard, adding not only aesthetic value to your home, but also boosting home value. Click To Tweet

Extend Your Living Space

Outdoor living spaces and rooms are rising in popularity. Your outdoor space and backyard should be an extension of your living area. Create the perfect getaway with these custom home addition ideas:

Pool House

What better way to elevate your backyard then to renovate your pool area? A pool house adds elegance, storage, and privacy. A custom built pool house can fit all your needs and include bathrooms, a changing area, or lounge area to take a break from the sun. A pool house is versatile and the perfect place to store pool equipment and opens up endless possibilities.

Patio Extension

Transforming your patio is another way to boost your backyard. A covered patio adds beauty and value to your home and offers the perfect place to unwind after a long day. A patio room addition also offers shade and space for entertaining and having family get togethers. With a custom patio, you have plenty of space for an outdoor dining set or patio furniture. With a patio extension, you are able to enjoy the open air, while having the comfort of a roof to protect you from the sun or rain.

Pergolas and Arbors

Pergolas and arbors are the perfect way to add shade and character to your backyard. A pergola is a terrific way to enhance your outdoor living space and upgrade the entire feel of your space. Climbing plants love to grow up the vertical beams, helping create privacy, shade, and beauty. Pergolas can be custom built to fit perfectly into your yard and come in a variety of high-quality materials like insect and rot-resistant woods, or rust proof iron.

Outdoor Kitchen

Impress your guests and boost your home value with a custom built outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen can be priceless if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining or grilling. Outdoor kitchens can be custom designed to include a grill island, a pizza oven, stainless steel appliances, or anything else your heart desires. The options are never-ending and the memories made in them will last a lifetime.


Sunrooms are the perfect way to boost your backyard with a custom home addition. A sunroom is fully enclosed and makes a perfect additional living room or seating space. Sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outside while keeping the insects out of your lemonade or the wind from blowing your papers off the table. Custom built sunrooms add another space you can relax and enjoy, while also adding value to your home.

Custom Home Additions

When considering home remodeling and additions, don’t forget about your outdoor space. Updating and boosting your backyard brings enjoyment to your entire family and gives you a splendid place for entertaining or relaxing. Adding on a custom built addition offers a solution to transform your outdoor space into a fabulous oasis.

To learn more about how custom home additions can boost your backyard and home values, Contact Us.

New Website Launch for Creekstone Outdoor Living!

Creekstone Outdoor Living is excited to announce the launch of our revamped website! Our enhanced website is an integral part of our ongoing work to improve our offerings for you, our highly valued customers

About Creekstone Outdoor Living

We consider ourselves to be “backyard paradise specialists.” We work hard to provide creative and unique solutions for all your outdoor living needs. We understand that outdoor living can be an important extension of your home life. It’s where parties are thrown,  kids grow up, and distractions get tossed aside in favor of fun.

Get to Know Our New Website

Take a moment to explore everything Creekstone Outdoor Living has to offer.  Get inspired by our digital showroom, browse our portfolio or shop for a new grill for your next cookout.  

1) Inspiration

Our inspiration section gives you a feel of what kind of looks we can provide.  Whether your style is modern, craftsman, urban or country, we can help you realize your vision.  Our goal is to ensure complete satisfaction with your design.

2) Portfolio

We have a strong reputation in Houston and we’ve built that by putting our customers first.  Browse some of our work in the portfolio.  Gazebos, outdoor kitchens, and stunning outdoor living rooms are just a few of the projects you’ll see.

3) Shop

If you can’t make it to our retail store, you can browse our online catalog anytime! We offer an assortment of grills, fire features, appliances, and heaters. We only the carry the highest quality products and items can easily be added to your quote.  

4) Design Center

It starts with an idea. Your idea. And more than that your willingness to take a leap towards a more meaningful home life. It’s not enough just to get your initial thoughts. We have developed a reliable process of design that gets clients involved every step of the way.

Ready to Serve You

Our dedicated and talented designers account for every square inch when laying out your outdoor wish list. We only use the products and materials you’ve chosen and place them with the precision and care. At Creekstone, we believe that investing in your outdoor living space is an investment in your quality of life.  
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