Your home isn’t only what is within the walls of your house–it also includes your yard, too.  According to a 2017 consumer survey, homebuyers are craving outdoor, green spaces. Over 56% people surveyed said they would forgo a larger home if it did not have the outdoor living area they desired. #OutdoorLiving is more popular than ever, adding usable space to your own backyard. Share on X

Blend Your Indoor – Outdoor Living Spaces

There are numerous reasons to create a blended outdoor and indoor living space. Here are just a few of the advantages of merging your indoor and outdoor living space.

Seamless Transition

A home with a seamless transition between the indoor and outside living area is the hottest trend, and it won’t be going anywhere soon. Open spaces with glimpses of nature appeal to all ages and makes a home feel comfortable and relaxed. It allows natural light to spill in and can be accomplished through sliding glass doors, the continuation of flooring, and also of the color scheme.

Easier Entertaining

One of the top reasons to combine your inside and outdoor living spaces is for ease and accessibility. Things like an outdoor kitchen, dining area with tables and chairs, and a comfortable lounge area make entertaining simple and enjoyable. Friends and family won’t be running in and out of the house because everything is right where you need it.

Expand Your Living Space

By bringing indoor functions outside, your outdoor space feels like an extension of your home. This can easily be done by adding a patio cover or pergola to give you a shaded spot to sit and relax. Adding to your outdoor space gives you more places to do work, entertain, or just relax after a long day.

Nature’s Health Benefits

There has been a plethora of research to prove that spending time in and around nature has benefits. Views of plants, water, and greenery have been found to boost positive feelings, reduce stress, and actually reduce healing times for people who are ill. These benefits are just one of the many reasons to create an indoor/outdoor oasis at your home.

Higher Home Value

As mentioned above, everyone is looking for a home that brings the indoors out and seamlessly transitions between the two. With that new outdoor kitchen, an outdoor living room and the ability to expand your living space by combining the two, your home value is certain to go up.

Benefits of Indoor/Outdoor Living

By taking your indoor rooms outside and opening up the inside with touches and glimpses from your backyard, you can take advantage of all the benefits indoor/outdoor living offers.

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