Outdoor Living in Houston: Everything You Need to Know

With the spring season around the corner and warmer temperatures on the forecast, your outdoor living space is about to be the prime hangout spot. Whether you already have the perfect backyard space or are interested in upgrading your current one, there’s no better time than now to extend your home’s style outdoors. Get ready to transform your outdoor living space in Houston for your family to enjoy.

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Create a Customized Outdoor Space (6 Easy Steps)

Have you dreamed of sprucing up your backyard flower beds or installing a functional outdoor kitchen? Transforming a backyard into a unique outdoor space doesn’t have to be a dream to save for the future. With our professional assistance, your journey to creating the perfect outdoor space can begin easily. Follow these 6 steps to start the process of customizing your backyard.

  1. Make a List of Ideas
  2. Plan Your Upgrade
  3. Decorate with Style
  4. Choose the Best Appliances
  5. Install a Pergola or Patio Cover
  6. Start Entertaining

1) Make a List of Ideas

To start customizing your backyard, the first step is to brainstorm design ideas. What features are available? Which upgrades are the most important to your family? From installing an outdoor kitchen to building a pool, the options are endless. Narrow down your choices and find backyard designs to match your vision before building.

2) Plan Your Upgrade

When creating an outdoor living space, neglecting to plan can have disastrous consequences. Before you start constructing, consult the experts and make a plan that will meet the expectations of your space. From HOA limitations to scheduling a consultation, planning your backyard upgrade will ensure your success long term.

3) Decorate with Style

Your home’s style is what makes your home unique compared to your neighbors. Whether it’s through architectural elements, paint colors, or entertainment features, your outdoor space is no different. Design your backyard space and outdoor kitchen decor with elements that are customized just for you.

Pro Tip: Use matching cushions and pillows in your outdoor living area to add style, function, and comfortability for your guests to enjoy.

4) Choose the Best Appliances

If your outdoor space is going to include an outdoor kitchen, there’s no better way to improve the functionality of your space than with built-in appliances. From a refrigerator to side burners, the appliances you choose will ultimately determine how much time you’re able to spend outside. That being said, install appliances essential to your cooking habits so that you can use your space to its full potential.

5) Install a Pergola or Patio Cover

If you want to use your backyard year-round, especially in the hot Houston, don’t forget to install a pergola or patio cover for shade. Choose from a range of wood stains and natural stone elements to design the perfect outdoor roof to coordinate with your home’s style.

6) Start Entertaining

It may come as a surprise, but the last step might be the most important for exceptional outdoor living in Houston. Once you’ve created the perfect backyard space, it’s time to start entertaining. Plan a party or host a movie night to show off your new space to the loved ones in your life.

Designing and Building Backyards in Spring, TX.

Whether you’re spending time as a family or hosting a barbecue cookout, your backyard space should be designed with you in mind. From swimming pools to fire pits, our Houston area design team is committed to including the best features to make your space stand out. If you’re interested in creating an outdoor living space to host your gatherings, our free consultation is a great way to get the process started.

Connect with our backyard design experts to learn more about the features and additions that can be added to your outdoor space.

Happy Thanksgiving from Creekstone Outdoor Living!

Whether you’re new to Creekstone Outdoor Living or you’ve been with us for a while, we want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving! It’s time to take time off work, enjoy a great meal, and spend time with your family. What are you thankful for this year? Here’s what the team at Creekstone Outdoor Living is celebrating this Thanksgiving!

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Amazing Backyard Transformations

We consider it a privilege to offer services that make your dream backyard a reality. From outdoor kitchens to customized pools, it’s amazing to see how any space can be transformed and made into something of value. Thank you for letting us be apart of your backyard upgrade.

Expert Designers Who Care

We are so thankful to have a team of designers who take pride in their work. From concept to completion, our staff strives to meet the desires of each client throughout the design process. If you’re not happy with your product, they consider it their personal mission to make sure you’re satisfied.

Pro Tip: The first step to transforming your backyard is to schedule a free design consultation. By meeting with a designer, you can ask questions and determine what features will be best for you.

Our Loyal Customers

There’s not a day that goes by that we aren’t thankful for our customers. Between the design consultations and construction process, our team loves getting to spend time with each of our clients. By the time the project is completed, we’re proud to call every a customer a new member of the Creekstone family. 


As the holiday season begins, we hope you can take the time to be with your loved ones and enjoy Thanksgiving. Those of us at Creekstone Outdoor Living look forward to helping you make this busy season an enjoyable one!

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3 Reasons to Invest in a Patio Cover for Your Pool

Summer in Houston will be here before you know it. Is your outdoor living area in need of a patio cover? Don’t wait until the outside temperatures start rising– learn why a patio cover is a great and necessary choice for your pool.

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Why Do I Need a Patio Cover for my Outdoor Space?

Investing in a patio cover for your pool will provide comfort and shade from the intense summer sun. You can stress less about cleaning by keeping out leaves and outside debris. It will also help keep your pool at a pleasant temperature and reduce your risk of sunburn.

  1. Keep Pool Temperature Down
  2. Protect Your Pool from Gathering Debris
  3. Provide Shade While Swimming

1) Keep Pool Temperature Down

The perfect pool cover will keep your pool at a comfortable, cool temperature. Pool water that is too warm tends to be off-putting, so using a cover will protect your water from getting too much sun. Nobody wants to get in a hot pool in the middle of a hot, Texas summer day. You can feel confident your pool is always at the right temperature.

2) Protect Your Pool from Gathering Debris

Wind and rain bring in leaves, bugs, and other dirt and debris into your pool. A patio cover for your pool will act as a leaf net to make cleaning a breeze. You’ll spend less time fishing out unwanted items and more time enjoying your pool!

3) Provide Shade While Swimming

We all know Houston summers can get swelteringly hot. Don’t let the sun deter you from enjoying your pool! A swimming pool cover will reduce the number of UV rays overhead that put you at risk of sunburn. While you should always use sunblock to protect your skin, a cover for your pool will make you feel more comfortable while you’re swimming.

ProTip: When you invest in a patio cover for your pool, consult with a professional pool designer that will help you choose the right style to fit the rest of your outdoor living space.

Use an Outdoor Living Professional to Install Your Patio Cover

Rely on in-ground pool experts to give you insight on other ways to benefit from a patio cover for your pool. They will help you with a custom pool cover for a unique and beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

Contact us for a consultation to learn more about custom patio covers and the benefits of having one for your pool.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen and Cabana - Side View by Creekstone Outdoor Living in Houston TexasCustom Outdoor Kitchen and Cabana - Aerial View by Creekstone Outdoor Living in Houston Texas

5 Design Tips for Luxurious Outdoor Living in Houston

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Houston area, you know that the weather allows for year-round entertaining and use of your outdoor living space. When you design your backyard with the right custom features you can create the backyard of your dreams and everyone will be begging you to host the next barbecue or pool party. Tired of your drab and boring backyard? Create an outdoor oasis with these 5 design tips! Click To Tweet

How Can You Turn Your Outdoor Space Into an Oasis?

It’s easy to turn your backyard into a dream entertaining space when you have an outdoor kitchen, shady spots for people to relax in and comfortable seating. These five design tips for outdoor living can help you create the backyard of your dreams.

  1. Comfortable Seating
  2. Light it Up
  3. Get Cooking
  4. Add a Spark
  5. Shade the Day

1) Comfortable Seating

If you don’t have a comfortable place to relax outside, chances are, you and no one else wants to spend time there. To create a space that perfect for entertaining and hanging out with friends and family, be sure to have plenty of comfortable seating.

2) Light it Up

Illuminate your space with custom outdoor lighting. Adding lights to your pergola, covered patio, or throughout your landscaping can set your outdoor space apart and make it enjoyable even after the sun goes down.

3) Get Cooking

What better way to enjoy your outside space than to add an outdoor kitchen? This is especially useful if you love to grill out or through backyard barbecues!

ProTip: Completely customize your outdoor kitchen with amenities like stainless steel gas grills and refrigerators.

4) Add a Spark

A perfect way to create an outdoor oasis is to enhance your yard with custom fire features. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit allows you to enjoy your backyard all year round. Fire features add warmth and beauty and are the perfect place to gather around and make memories.

5) Shade the Day

If you live in Houston, you know how brutal the sun can be during the summer months. To help cool off your friends and family, be sure to have a shady place for them to retreat to. Covered patios, pergolas, and cabanas are the perfect and practical solution to creating a beautiful shady place. A covered area is also perfect for outdoor exercises, relaxing, hanging out with friends, or even setting up an outdoor office! Find a few more ideas to transform your new patio here.

Top Design Tips for Luxurious Living in Houston

When you are ready to transform your backyard into your dream space, be sure to work with a professional to help make your dream a reality. A Houston outdoor living specialist can help ensure your complete satisfaction and work with you through the entire process.

Join the conversation to learn more about how to create a more luxurious space in your backyard. 

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5 Perks of Adding a Built-in Fire Pit to Your Backyard

Fire Pit Houston

5 Perks of Adding a Built-In Fire Pit to Your Backyard

More and more people are looking for ways to enhance their outdoor living space. By adding the right features, you can make your outdoor space more usable and enjoyable. One of the top ways to make your backyard a great place to spend more time is to add a built-in fire pit. Here are 5 perks you can expect from adding a built-in fire pit to your backyard. Click To Tweet

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with a Backyard Fire Pit

Do you wish you were spending more time in the backyard entertaining or just hanging out with family, relaxing after a hard week at work? Here are some suggestions to make your backyard comfortable and functional:

  1. Instant Ambiance
  2. Adds Entertaining Space
  3. Additional Cooking Area
  4. Boosts Home Value
  5. Creates Warmth & Light

1) Instant Ambiance

Adding a fire pit to your backyard creates instant ambiance with its warmth and cozy surroundings. Use your built-in fire pit to create a focal point in your yard. By making it the center of attention, people won’t be able to wait to gather and spend time around the fire.

2) Adds Entertaining Space

Forget about sitting around on the couch inside! Adding a fire pit to your outdoor area will add entertaining space to your home. And…maybe it will even get those kiddos off their video games and devices!

ProTip: Sitting around an outdoor fire pit provides a fun and natural way to entertain and make memories with loved ones.

3) Additional Cooking Area

An outdoor fire pit also adds an additional cooking area to your home. Not only can you cook up some smores, but you can easily throw a grill on top and cook up some open-flamed cooked meats, kabobs, or other delicious meals.

4) Boosts Home Value

An outdoor fire pit in one of the top things home buyers are looking for these days. This popular trend is helping boost home values and when you have a built-in fire pit integrated with your patio, it helps draw attention to your home’s architecture and the surrounding landscaping.

5) Creates Warmth & Light

A key feature of a fire pit is the cozy warmth and light it adds to your outdoor living space. While some nights during the heat of the summer might not be best for sitting around a fire, spring, autumn, and winter are all perfect seasons to spend making memories around the fire pit with loved ones.

Add a Fire Feature to Your Outdoor Living Space

There are so many options to consider when looking to add a built-in fire pit to your backyard. Choose from a variety of materials, colors, styles, and sizes. Work with a landscape professional to create the perfect custom fire pit for your outdoor space.

Contact us to learn more perks of adding a built-in fire pit to your backyard.