Designing a Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen Near Your Pool

What’s better than a hearty meal near your pool after a swim? Maybe cooking that meal in your outdoor kitchen! With all the practical features of an indoor cooking space, an outdoor kitchen lets you cook in the fresh air for yourself or for a backyard full of party guests.

For your outdoor kitchen design, there are a few things for you to consider. One is the appearance and decor you’d like to feature. For a contemporary kitchen to match your modern home, you’ll likely want to include these key elements of modern designs. Let’s look at some contemporary outdoor kitchen ideas.

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Stainless Steel

Nothing quite emulates the modern look like stainless steel appliances and cabinets. The sleek, metallic appearance will make your outdoor kitchen feel bright and open. Additionally, stainless steel’s universal appeal means it will pair with almost any other decorations or additions. Granite countertops in particular will provide a differing yet complementing color addition for your contemporary outdoor kitchen.

Cooking Appliances

Obviously, your kitchen will need cooking appliances and equipment. Choose from a wide variety of custom appliances designed to perfectly match or complement the rest of your decor. A few necessities include:

  • Grills: choose between charcoal, pellet, or gas grill models
  • Side burners: you can’t boil water or scramble eggs on a grill! Use these side burners to cook on a smaller scale.
  • Refrigerators: keep leftovers or ingredients chilled.
  • Ice makers: why haul ice from inside when you can just make it in your outdoor kitchen?
  • Vent hoods: keep the smoke out of your eyes while you cook.

Unique Flooring

Stone tiles or imitation stone provide the perfect floor pattern for a modern kitchen look. Try geometric patterns in two or three contrasting shades for an eye-catching floor plan and the perfect design to match the rest of your kitchen. In addition, don’t forget that this floor will probably have to withstand a lot more abuse, dirt, and impact than your indoor kitchen’s flooring materials. Find the most durable flooring you can.

Pro Tip: Even with a patio cover, your outdoor kitchen’s floor may get a little wet on rainy days. Choose a flooring material that doesn’t become too slippery when wet.

Put a Roof Over Your Head

Don’t let the rain or summer heat keep you from cooking! With a patio cover, you can continue cooking regardless of the weather and make your outdoor kitchen an extension of your home. A ceiling also gives you the chance to install a strategically placed fan or light to help even more with your cooking time. Design an outdoor room!

Your New Contemporary Kitchen

Designing a contemporary outdoor kitchen gives you the chance to have fun and customize your new outdoor space as much as you want. With plenty of choices for accessories, decor, and practical features, you’re sure to find something to love in your new contemporary outdoor kitchen.

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6 Outdoor Features for a Living Space You’ll Use All Year

Why not revamp your backyard this summer and build a paradise you can enjoy any time of year? A trustworthy design service can help you create and build your new outdoor living space with a fireplace, pool, outdoor kitchen, patio cover, and more. Your new hangout spot can be as creative or as standard as you’d like–customize it to your preferences!

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Designing Your Dream Backyard

Before you start building, consider how often you’ll use the backyard and how many people will be joining you. If you regularly have parties, your backyard should have an open, modern look to accommodate all your guests. If you tend to hang out with just a few other people, consider scaling down the designs to your tastes. Whichever style you choose, you can’t go wrong with these popular outdoor features:

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Pool house
  3. Patio cover/cabana
  4. Outdoor kitchen
  5. Pergola/arbor
  6. Fireplace or fire pit

1) Consider a Swimming Pool

Indulge in the classic summertime activity of swimming with your own custom pool! Work with our professional designers to create a swimming pool perfectly tailored to your backyard and personal preferences. A swimming pool is a crowd-pleaser–your backyard parties just got a lot more fun!

2) Construct a Pool House

If you’re planning to use your swimming pool a lot, a pool house might be a great choice to add on to your project. A typical pool house provides a private spot to change and store towels and supplies right next to your pool. Some models will even encompass the entire pool for an indoor swimming experience. To go the extra mile, add a bathroom and pull-out couch to make the ultimate guest house!

3) Add a Patio Cover or Cabana

For the homeowner who wants a pool cover without the total enclosure a pool house offers, a patio cover or cabana is an excellent choice. A covered patio will keep out the Texas sun, as well as most leaves and bugs. Our designers can create a patio cover that matches your home or one that stands out for a truly unique look.

Pro Tip: Customize your patio and poolside lounge with classy pool furniture! It’s easy to find a balance of style, function, and comfort.

4) Outdoor Kitchen

How else will you feed all your hungry party guests? Design your own outdoor kitchen with all the same style and functionality as your indoor kitchen! You can even connect it to your patio so you don’t have to carry food too far. Ready to start planning your next picnic?

5) Design a Pergola or Arbor

If you can’t afford a full patio cover or just aren’t a fan of the design, consider a pergola or arbor instead. They can provide the same shade and protection as a typical cabana, with different styles available and a lower price tag. This is also a great choice for designing a slightly lower-key backyard. Get the same appealing look for less money and effort.

6) Design Your Outdoor Living Space with a Fireplace or Fire Pit

An outdoor living space with a fireplace comes with a rustic, old-fashioned feel perfect for evening backyard hangouts. Roast marshmallows, grill over an open flame, or just let the smoke keep the mosquitoes away while you relax by the fire pit.

You have several unique options for fire features. Some homeowners add a wood-burning fireplace to an outdoor kitchen or seating area, where it can double as a pizza oven. Others will add “bowls of fire” around the edges of a swimming pool for a magical effect at night. What’s your ideal fire feature?

Outdoor Living Areas for Friends and Family

Your backyard should reflect your hobbies and make your lounging and parties as fun as possible. Not all of these features will appeal to you, and that’s okay. The best backyard is one that you and your loved ones will enjoy and take advantage of no matter the time of year.

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