What’s better than a hearty meal near your pool after a swim? Maybe cooking that meal in your outdoor kitchen! With all the practical features of an indoor cooking space, an outdoor kitchen lets you cook in the fresh air for yourself or for a backyard full of party guests.

For your outdoor kitchen design, there are a few things for you to consider. One is the appearance and decor you’d like to feature. For a contemporary kitchen to match your modern home, you’ll likely want to include these key elements of modern designs. Let’s look at some contemporary outdoor kitchen ideas.

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Stainless Steel

Nothing quite emulates the modern look like stainless steel appliances and cabinets. The sleek, metallic appearance will make your outdoor kitchen feel bright and open. Additionally, stainless steel’s universal appeal means it will pair with almost any other decorations or additions. Granite countertops in particular will provide a differing yet complementing color addition for your contemporary outdoor kitchen.

Cooking Appliances

Obviously, your kitchen will need cooking appliances and equipment. Choose from a wide variety of custom appliances designed to perfectly match or complement the rest of your decor. A few necessities include:

  • Grills: choose between charcoal, pellet, or gas grill models
  • Side burners: you can’t boil water or scramble eggs on a grill! Use these side burners to cook on a smaller scale.
  • Refrigerators: keep leftovers or ingredients chilled.
  • Ice makers: why haul ice from inside when you can just make it in your outdoor kitchen?
  • Vent hoods: keep the smoke out of your eyes while you cook.

Unique Flooring

Stone tiles or imitation stone provide the perfect floor pattern for a modern kitchen look. Try geometric patterns in two or three contrasting shades for an eye-catching floor plan and the perfect design to match the rest of your kitchen. In addition, don’t forget that this floor will probably have to withstand a lot more abuse, dirt, and impact than your indoor kitchen’s flooring materials. Find the most durable flooring you can.

Pro Tip: Even with a patio cover, your outdoor kitchen’s floor may get a little wet on rainy days. Choose a flooring material that doesn’t become too slippery when wet.

Put a Roof Over Your Head

Don’t let the rain or summer heat keep you from cooking! With a patio cover, you can continue cooking regardless of the weather and make your outdoor kitchen an extension of your home. A ceiling also gives you the chance to install a strategically placed fan or light to help even more with your cooking time. Design an outdoor room!

Your New Contemporary Kitchen

Designing a contemporary outdoor kitchen gives you the chance to have fun and customize your new outdoor space as much as you want. With plenty of choices for accessories, decor, and practical features, you’re sure to find something to love in your new contemporary outdoor kitchen.

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