New Pool Construction: Expectations vs. Reality

Have you finally made the decision to get a new pool built? Having your own pool is the perfect way to transform your backyard into the perfect oasis to relax and have fun in! So, now what? There is a lot that goes into new pool construction and it does take a little time to create the custom pool of your dreams. Wondering when your custom pool will be ready to swim in? Here are 9 aspects of new pool construction you need to know before you get started. Click To Tweet

What Should You Expect with New Pool Construction?

Swimming pool construction is a process and includes a series of steps before it will be ready to swim in. Once you get through the design process, you can get a better estimate of the time it will take to excavate, place the plumbing and other equipment, tile, deck, and plaster. Here are some things you can expect when building a new pool.

  1. Design Consultation
  2. Time Considerations
  3. Forms & Excavation
  4. Structural Steel & Gunite
  5. Plumbing & Equipment
  6. Tile & Coping
  7. Decking
  8. Plaster & Startup
  9. Pool Party Time

1) Design Consultation

The entire pool building process begins with a home design consultation. You need to work with a contractor who is both skilled in pool design and can help you choose the features that will work best for your lifestyle.

2) Time Considerations

One of the most popular questions asked is “how long does it take to build a pool start to finish?”. Providing an allowance for weather delays, and that many skilled tradesmen do not perform labor on Sundays, you can usually expect a pool construction project to take about six to ten weeks.

3) Forms & Excavation

After you’ve planned the design concept of your new swimming pool, they will break ground and exact the outer shape of the swimming pool. It takes approximately one full day to properly excavate a swimming pool in preparation for the structural reinforcement stage.

4) Structural Steel & Gunite

Next, they will install structural steel into the excavated shape, and install the stub-out plumbing for the proper placement of all water-return jets, water features, suction lines, and your spa plumbing system. Once this is in place, the gunite material is applied.

ProTip: Once the gunite is in place, it takes a minimum of 24 hours to harden and up to two weeks to fully cure.

5) Plumbing & Equipment

After the gunite has properly cured, they will lay down the total pool plumbing system of network of pipes that carry the water to and from the pool.

6) Tile & Coping

This is the stage that the pool will begin to start looking more like a pool, as experienced tile installers will amaze you with careful installation of all tiles and decorative stone materials to create your customized pool.

7) Decking

Next, your custom decking will be installed according to your design ideas. You can choose from natural pavers, wood, concrete, or many other materials for your pool decking.

8) Plaster & Startup

The mechanical components, including the filter system, pumps, time clock or wireless components, cleaner, heater (if required) are installed, and then they will start with the final step of the process–the plaster. You will not be able to swim right away until the start-up procedure has completed after or up to at least 7 days.

9) Pool Party Time

Once all this is complete, it is time to plan that pool party to show off your gorgeous new outdoor living space and pool!

Getting Ready for New Pool Construction

Vamp up your backyard retreat with a custom swimming pool design. Luxury or classic? That’s for you to decide! Select the pool shape, size, and features that you love the most. And, also consider a custom pool house to go along with your new custom designed pool.

Thinking about getting a custom pool? Join the conversation to learn more about what to expect during new pool construction.

Announcing an Additional Service from Creekstone: Pool Design & Build

In South Texas, a swimming pool is almost mandatory, especially when temperatures and humidity levels become unbearable. After planning and completing many pool design projects in 2018, Creekstone Outdoor Living has decided to include pool design and construction for our loyal customers.

Not all pools are the same, and each design has its own specific requirement. This is why you want an experienced company to plan your new pool construction. Have you always wanted a pool in your backyard? We’re now offering pool design and planning services so that you can make that dream a reality. Click To Tweet

Announcing an Additional Service from Creekstone- Pool Design & Build, Creekstone, Houston


Relax & Stay Cool

If the only swimming pool you’re utilizing is a public pool, you’re probably not feeling very relaxed. Public pools have more bacteria, noisy children, and a ton of distractions. Now, imagine a custom designed pool in the comfort of your own backyard. You can read a book while floating in your own serene pool. When you’re feeling social, you can host pool parties and barbecues for friends and family to come and enjoy your pool during the hot summer months. Furthermore, your kids will have outdoor entertainment and exercise all summer long.

When to Build

The best time to build a new pool is now. The sooner you start planning the design, the better. It can take up to three months to build your pool, depending on the circumstances. Inclement weather can play a role in the amount of time it takes to complete construction. Another factor is the additional custom features that you may want. These factors can add some time to your pool construction.

Pro Tip:  If you start your pool construction now, your pool should be ready by the springtime, which is ideal because that’s when the sun starts shining.

Additional Features

Creekstone Outdoor Living is experienced in outdoor design. Our customers’ satisfaction is a top priority. Consider adding a shaded arbor or pergola to keep your swimming pool cool all summer long. We can build your dream outdoor kitchen so that pool parties can become your specialty. Another addition to consider is a pool house so that guests can have somewhere to shower and change during pool parties.

Announcing an Additional Service from Creekstone- Pool Design & Build, Creekstone, Houston

Quality Pool Construction

A quality pool that exceeds your expectations is our promise. We are passionate about creating outdoor living spaces that you will use all year long. From grills to firepits, we have you covered.

Would you like to begin the design and planning process for a new pool? Join us on Facebook to speak with our team about our backyard design services.