6 Eye-Catching Pool Design Ideas

Your swimming pool should match your home and your style. Of course, there’s no right or wrong way to design your pool, but some styles and shapes look more appealing than others. As you design your backyard, the best approach to planning your swimming pool is to decide which already-present features of your backyard or home you want to emphasize. A pool designed to complement what’s already there will look fantastic!

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Popular Swimming Pool Decorations

Creating the perfect swimming pool could involve detailed planning and extensive renovations, or it could be as simple as adding a few underwater LED lights. Whatever your preference, these popular ideas are sure to make your pool stand out in the neighborhood.

  1. Modern
  2. Serpentine
  3. Natural
  4. Lush and tropical
  5. Underwater lights
  6. Party-friendly

1) Modern

A modern-style swimming pool requires on defined shapes and a clean, unified color scheme. Some homeowners opt for neutral colors like grey or white for their modern pool. If you’re in love with the modern aesthetic, less is more! Stick to a particular shape and clean color for your modern pool area.

2) Serpentine

Easily moldable and customizable gunite pools are perfect for a serpentine design. Designed to mimic a snake’s curved body on the ground, these pool shapes invoke a sense of spontaneity in your backyard design. This style is perfect for anyone looking for a more eccentric style of swimming pool.

3) Natural

A round or gently curved swimming pool bordered by a flower garden conjures up images of a pond surrounded by nature in the woods. This pool design is sure to invite your family and guests to relax in a serene environment and enjoy the sunlight. Just make sure to be vigilant about cleaning–plants growing too close to the pool can shed leaves and pollen into the water.

4) Lush and Tropical

A swimming pool flanked by palm trees and tiki torches lets you enjoy your own personal tropical paradise without leaving home! Bring your dream vacation to your backyard with a tropical-themed swimming pool. Complete the atmosphere with a fire pit for evening cookouts.

5) Underwater Lights

Hot tubs or spas often come with underwater lights installed, but have you considered doing the same on your swimming pool? After the sun sets, a few strategically mounted LED lights give the water a magical glow. Give it a shot!

Pro Tip: Soft underwater lights are an important part of chromatherapy, the use of visible light to promote calm and overall wellness. This works equally well in your swimming pool as in your spa.

6) Party-Friendly

If you frequently entertain guests in your backyard, chances are you’ll need a pool and outdoor environment suited to handling a lot of people at one time. If this is the case, consider a few special features your guests are sure to love, such as a swim-up bar to serve drinks right at the pool’s edge. Add an outdoor kitchen and your party space is complete!

Creating Your Perfect Pool

As you work on a swimming pool design, consider how the completed pool will likely be used. Are you planning to entertain a lot of people, or is this mostly a passion project for yourself and your family? Your answer may influence just how large and elaborate your final swimming pool is. Start with these pool design ideas and work from there.

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New Pool Construction: How Long Will It Take to Install Your Inground Pool?

You probably don’t want to wait too long to use your brand new pool. Rest assured that your construction team also wants to finish the job quickly to move on to other work! Exact times can vary greatly, but your pool should be completed reasonably fast.

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For a no-complications pool building project, you can expect to wait about 6-8 weeks. Of course, delays will happen. Multiple problems can add days or weeks to your waiting time. Here’s everything you need to consider when it comes to installing an inground pool.

Custom Features

That waterfall will look amazing when it’s completed, but it will probably add an extra few days to your pool installation. The more custom features you want, the longer construction will take. As you customize your pool to your heart’s content, prepare yourself to wait a little longer.

Pro Tip: Don’t make changes to your pool design once construction starts. The builders may have to undo some progress to add in your new ideas, consuming yet more time.

Inclement Weather

Unpredictable Houston weather could cost your pool builders valuable construction time if constant rain or overwhelming heat makes it impossible to work. There isn’t really a good way to solve this problem. Your best bet is just to wait for the weather to improve so work can resume.

Building Material Delays

Finally, sometimes a material supplier won’t ship the necessary tiles, concrete, or other necessities in time, leading to a delay on your pool project. Your pool builders might be able to speed up the delivery if this happens, but chances are, you’ll just have to wait a little longer. You may be tempted to go to the hardware store and try to continue the work yourself, but don’t do that! When the materials arrive, having a weak spot in your new pool will just lead to disaster later.

Anticipating Your New Inground Pool

Delays can be frustrating, especially when they’re out of your control. Just remember that you can reduce some of the most common delays by choosing easily shipped building materials and a good time of year for the construction. While unexpected problems might still occur, at the very least you can reduce them.

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