3 Options for Creating a Shaded Backyard Hangout Spot

Houston summers present homeowners with a dilemma. On the one hand, there are ample chances to catch some sun and enjoy clear skies. On the other hand, the famous Houston heat can make spending too long outdoors unbearable. What’s the best solution? Plenty of homeowners are choosing to add shaded outdoor spaces to their backyards, allowing them to enjoy fresh air without getting sunburned. Let’s take a look at a few possible ideas for backyard shade!

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A Comfortable Outdoor Living Space

Even during the hottest part of Houston summers, adequate sun protection goes a long way toward providing comfort outside. Why not block the sun with a custom patio cover or pergola? Not only will you have immediate sun protection, but your new shade structure will provide a sheltered area all year round for future gatherings! Check out these common backyard shade ideas:

  1. Patio covers
  2. Pergolas
  3. Arbors

1) Patio Covers

If you already have a patio or are planning to add one soon, your best choice might be a patio cover. These shade structures match your house and can even be attached to the house if you so choose. They provide excellent shade and essentially give you an outdoor living room or dining area with open walls.

Pro Tip: A patio cover is the perfect finishing touch to an outdoor kitchen! Cook and host outdoors whenever you want, rain or shine.

2) Pergolas

Pergolas are large shaded structures similar to a patio cover at first glance. However, their design is rather different. Instead of solid pillars and a shingled roof, pergolas boast a more cagelike appearance, designed to support climbing plants. Pergolas also don’t have solid rooftops like patio covers. While they still block out the worst of the sun without completely leaving you in darkness, pergolas won’t keep you from getting a bit wet during a storm.

3) Arbors

For anyone with a smaller backyard or simply a smaller space to turn into an outdoor room, an arbor may be the way to go. Think of an arbor like a smaller pergola, designed to hold climbing plants and let in some sun while still providing a good amount of shade. Arbors don’t tend to cover a lot of space, so they’re best used for a smaller hangout spot like a reading nook or to cover a garden bench.

Don’t Miss Out on Sunny Days!

Houston’s infamous summer heat may make time in the sun a little uncomfortable, but don’t let the heat chase you indoors all summer! A shaded outdoor space allows you to enjoy fresh air and sunshine without exposing yourself to scorching heat or heavy summer rain. Get in touch with our team to see which style is best for you.

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Beautiful Patio Designs for Every Style

More and more people are going outside and using their outdoor living spaces for entertaining, relaxing, and just living. People are bringing the inside outdoors, with outdoor kitchens, televisions, and even couches to lounge on. The outside should feel just as comfortable as your inside living space, and there are numerous popular patio designs to help you create the perfect outdoor living space. Share on X

Find Your Patio Style

No matter if you are using your patio for upbeat social gatherings, relaxation time with the family, or a little meditative time alone, you can create the ideal mood and ambiance for your patio with one of these innovative patio designs.  

Old World

The Old World style never goes out of fashion. With Flagstone paths, an outdoor fireplace and vintage style outdoor kitchen, you might find yourself enjoying time outside more than ever. Cast iron lighting and rustic, old world chairs finish off the look and add a classical touch.


Who doesn’t love dining alfresco? Outdoor dining can be done year-round when you incorporate a pergola or cabana into your patio design. Outdoor dining areas create seamless transitions between the inside and outdoors and makes entertaining effortless. These charming areas also improve the aesthetic and financial value of your home.


The Tuscan patio style usually boasts warm colors, natural stones, terracotta flower pots and urns and bold flowers such as lavender, rosemary and grape vines. These plants help bring the sensory experience to your patio space. The Tuscan patio style is about enjoying life, food, people, and nature, and relaxing with friends and families members.

Secret Garden

Secret gardens are more and more popular these days and provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. These hidden gardens not only feel private but also have a certain magical charm to them. Shade trees, evergreen hedges, creeping vines, and loose naturalistic plantings create a woodsy retreat and an inviting destination.


Looking for peace and tranquility after a hard day of work? A Zen patio design might be right for you. Simplicity is the way to go when looking for seating and furniture. Green plants are also a must, and add the perfect touch of nature. Bonsai trees and other green plants fit well in pots and help create balance. The addition of an outside fire pit and water fountain help bring all the elements of nature to your patio space.

Modern Wonder

No matter what the size, a modern and eclectic patio is the foolproof place to entertain. Add outdoor lighting, modern-styled seating and tables, and use bright colors to add character. Clean lines and modular forms are key to attaining the modern wonder look, and an outdoor fireplace is a must. Many modern patios boast a geometric pool and potted plants for added greenery.

Choose Your Patio Design

Whether you like to entertain, relax with the family, or spend time outside cooking and enjoying life, there are plenty of ways to create the ideal escape with one of these beautiful patio designs. Using the current style of your home as a guide, you can build a stunning outdoor space to enjoy for years to come.

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