5 Essential Backyard Design Ideas Near Your Houston Pool

A new swimming pool certainly adds a lot of pizzazz to your backyard. But don’t let that be the only new feature for your outdoor space! There’s a variety of ways you can add more creative designs to your yard. Whether it’s just buying furniture or remodeling more of the yard, you can make your backyard into your own personal paradise. Let’s look at a few trending backyard design ideas you can customize into your dream hangout spot.

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Popular Backyard Designs for 2019

Depending on how often you use the backyard and how many people use it, not all of these ideas will appeal to you. The most important thing is what complements your pool and provides a pleasant experience for you and anyone else in the yard. Some of the most popular outdoor decorating trends for Houston homeowners include:

  1. Outdoor lighting
  2. Fire pits
  3. Stylish pool furniture
  4. Pool house
  5. Outdoor kitchen

1) Outdoor Lighting

Decorative lights can provide a festive atmosphere and help you see in those after-dark pool parties. Wind string lights around a pillar for an enchanted look, or install lanterns for a more rustic appearance. Lighting is a truly universal design choice. The only limits are your own preferences!

2) Fire Pits

Speaking of lighting, why not go back to the source and light up your backyard with an open flame? A fire pit or fireplace adds an exotic appeal and helps chase away mosquitoes. Best of all, it’s a perfect place for the kids to roast marshmallows!

3) Stylish Pool Furniture

For anyone spending more than a few minutes outside, pool furniture is a must. Give yourself and your guests a comfy seating area to sunbathe, chat, have dinner, and just spend time in the sun. There’s plenty of elegant pool furniture on the market that will complement your backyard and your pool while withstanding the Houston weather. Explore your options!

4) Pool House

For a family with a new swimming pool, a pool house is a fantastic option. The conveniently located structure provides quick storage for towels and pool toys, as well as a place to change. Some Houston families take things a step further by adding a fridge for snacks and drinks, or even a restroom and small bed so guests can sleep there overnight. Use your backyard space to its full advantage with a pool house!

5) Outdoor Kitchen

Take things further than just a grill with a fully furnished outdoor kitchen. This provides the perfect chance to host outdoor dinners or cook fresh food for your pool party guests. With a variety of accessories and styles to choose from, your outdoor kitchen is sure to be an elegant addition to complement your pool.

Pro Tip: Don’t waste time hauling food or supplies from the house to your outdoor kitchen! Add customized cupboards and drawers to keep your cooking utensils handy.

Personalizing Your Outdoor Space

Adding a pool to your backyard represents a significant amount of dedication to improving your home value. But don’t stop there! There’s so much you can do even in a small yard. By researching trends and deciding on your own preferences, you can make your backyard design ideas come to life!

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How to Create The Perfect Backyard BBQ Destination

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The Perfect Backyard BBQ

Before you start inviting people over to chow down on some scrumptiously grilled meats, tasty sides, and some desserts, make sure your backyard is the perfect destination for your BBQ party with these top tips!

Time For A Little Clean Up

If you haven’t already done some backyard spring cleaning, now is the time to do it. Take some time to clean up any debris and throw away old junk not being used. Give your lawn a mow and drag that weed-eater out, too. Clean off the walkways and the deck to make sure no one will be tripped up, and if you are feeling really productive, give the backyard a pressure wash to make it feel clean and ready for your barbecue shindig.

Set Up Seating Areas

When throwing a barbecue, make sure there is plenty of seating for everyone! Consider setting up different seating areas so people can feel comfortable and also give them options of where and who they sit near. Add some bright colored pillows to your chairs and couches to add instant style. Also, place some of the seating under a covered patio or pergola provides shade for your guests.

Get Cooking in Your Outdoor Kitchen

No one wants to have a backyard BBQ and be running in an out of the house to get the foods and beverages! Not only will it let your air conditioning out of the house, but bugs will get in your home and you are likely to miss out on some of the fun! An outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertaining and everything is right there in the backyard! Your grill, refrigerator, storage and more–all to help your barbecue party go off without a hitch! If an outdoor kitchen isn’t in the budget, consider getting a new grill, like the popular Big Green Egg, a Fire Magic, or a Memphis Grill.

Cozy Around the Fire Pit

Everyone loves sitting and digesting around a fire pit after a good meal. Wind down the party and move everyone around the tantalizing glow of the fire. People will be more likely to hang around and chat with a nice fire burning. Make sure to arrange some seats close by, and maybe even indulge in some smores after the delicious meal!

Light Up the Night

Adding some outdoor lighting to your backyard is a simple way to add ambiance and elegance to your barbecue party. There are plenty of options, from string lights, solar lights lining the walkways, or landscaping lights to help highlight your flowers and decor.

Your Backyard BBQ Destination

By following these simple tips, you will be inviting guests over in no time. By cleaning up, adding seats, an outdoor kitchen and some lights, your friends and family will be begging to come over for that brisket, ribs, and other barbecue goodies you’ve cooked up.

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5 Memorable Backyard Party Ideas

With the popularity and convenience of outdoor living spaces, stuffy dinner parties are a thing of the past. The backyard is the perfect setting for a memorable party, both for kids and adults. You can make decor as elaborate or simple as you’d like, depending on how formal the event is. Take advantage of the beautiful weather by throwing a backyard party that’ll leave your guests smiling long after the party is over.

How to Host a Creative Backyard Party

Modern dinner parties don’t require anything elaborate – yummy food, good company, and a comfortable setting. Take your hobbies and interests and use them to help you think up fun, creative party ideas.

1) Viewing Party

With a portable movie projector, you can easily host an outdoor viewing party. Invite friends over to watch a classic movie or awards show right in your backyard. Ensure you have enough seating, snacks, and drinks. Make sure guests have enough lighting to get around, grab snacks or find the restrooms. Eclectic paper lanterns or twinkle lights can light the way.

2) Game Night

Arrange furniture in a cozy semi-circle around an outdoor coffee table, or throw pillows and blankets on the grass for a more casual affair. Provide multiple game options, from cards to charades. Prepare food and drinks ahead of time, to avoid having to constantly interrupt games to cook.

3) Cooking Class

If you have an outdoor kitchen then a cooking class is a fun and creative way to celebrate a special event. Invite a professional chef to guide you through the preparation and cooking of a complete 3-course meal, then relax outside while you eat.

4) Star Gazing

Astronomical events occur throughout the year and provide the perfect opportunity to host a stargazing party. Ask partygoers to bring binoculars, telescopes or star finders. Ensure that you have enough seating and a buffet table with finger foods and desserts. If it’s a chilly evening get the firepit ready and break out some extra blankets.

5) Backyard Tailgating

Tailgating is an essential part of the game day experience. They give fans the chance to eat and socialize before they head into the stadium to watch the game. Backyard tailgating is a great idea if getting to the game isn’t an option. Cue up the game on an outdoor TV or projector screen and enjoy all the classic game day food.

Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

While backyard parties don’t require a lot, an outdoor entertaining space can make them much easier to host. Outdoor kitchens, covered patios, and fireplaces add ambiance and provide the perfect setting to entertain guests. The options for extending your home are endless, adding aesthetic appeal to your outdoor design.

An Evening to Remember

The combination of beautiful natural scenery, a fun theme, thoughtful decor and good food makes for an unforgettable evening. Surrounded by the laughter of friends and family, it’s hard to remember how you ever entertained indoors!

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