With the popularity and convenience of outdoor living spaces, stuffy dinner parties are a thing of the past. The backyard is the perfect setting for a memorable party, both for kids and adults. You can make decor as elaborate or simple as you’d like, depending on how formal the event is. Take advantage of the beautiful weather by throwing a backyard party that’ll leave your guests smiling long after the party is over.

How to Host a Creative Backyard Party

Modern dinner parties don’t require anything elaborate – yummy food, good company, and a comfortable setting. Take your hobbies and interests and use them to help you think up fun, creative party ideas.

1) Viewing Party

With a portable movie projector, you can easily host an outdoor viewing party. Invite friends over to watch a classic movie or awards show right in your backyard. Ensure you have enough seating, snacks, and drinks. Make sure guests have enough lighting to get around, grab snacks or find the restrooms. Eclectic paper lanterns or twinkle lights can light the way.

2) Game Night

Arrange furniture in a cozy semi-circle around an outdoor coffee table, or throw pillows and blankets on the grass for a more casual affair. Provide multiple game options, from cards to charades. Prepare food and drinks ahead of time, to avoid having to constantly interrupt games to cook.

3) Cooking Class

If you have an outdoor kitchen then a cooking class is a fun and creative way to celebrate a special event. Invite a professional chef to guide you through the preparation and cooking of a complete 3-course meal, then relax outside while you eat.

4) Star Gazing

Astronomical events occur throughout the year and provide the perfect opportunity to host a stargazing party. Ask partygoers to bring binoculars, telescopes or star finders. Ensure that you have enough seating and a buffet table with finger foods and desserts. If it’s a chilly evening get the firepit ready and break out some extra blankets.

5) Backyard Tailgating

Tailgating is an essential part of the game day experience. They give fans the chance to eat and socialize before they head into the stadium to watch the game. Backyard tailgating is a great idea if getting to the game isn’t an option. Cue up the game on an outdoor TV or projector screen and enjoy all the classic game day food.

Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

While backyard parties don’t require a lot, an outdoor entertaining space can make them much easier to host. Outdoor kitchens, covered patios, and fireplaces add ambiance and provide the perfect setting to entertain guests. The options for extending your home are endless, adding aesthetic appeal to your outdoor design.

An Evening to Remember

The combination of beautiful natural scenery, a fun theme, thoughtful decor and good food makes for an unforgettable evening. Surrounded by the laughter of friends and family, it’s hard to remember how you ever entertained indoors!

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