Creekstone Outdoor Living - Poolside Cabana

You can picture your hotel guests relaxing in your outdoor bar, sipping a frosty drink and enjoying the afternoon sun. But wait! The sun! It’s beating down on them, they’re getting sunburned and sweating when they really want to be cool and comfortable. They get so uncomfortable they head inside to the cool air conditioning of their room, and you’re not meeting all their needs. Maybe a cabana, awning or canopy is right for your resort to keep your customers at the bar, enjoying all the amenities you have to offer.

It may not be the heat of summer yet where you are, but that’s the best time to start planning. Spring and summer vacationers will be upon you before you know it. You want your new additions done and working properly before they get there.

So, now you realize you need to make some decisions to improve your customers’ experiences. Selecting the right company and the best products are important. Following a few simple procedures will ensure you have a successful installation for your cabana, awning or canopy.

Set a Budget

Your first step is to establish a budget for your project so you get the proper design. Any awning, canopy or cabana you choose should compliment and accent your property and be eye-catching. You want to appeal to tired, relaxation-seeking souls with emotional and mental needs for an escape from workday cares and worries.

Select a Contractor

There are always many companies offering their services, but you don’t want some fly-by-night contractor. You can find experienced suppliers and contractors through the Professional Awning Manufactures Association (PAMA). Once you know your budget, this should be your next step. Choosing a supplier and contractor registered with PAMA can give you a sense of security, but you still should take the effort necessary to verify references and completely review and understand maintenance and warranties before you sign on any dotted line. Form does follow function.

No matter how breathtaking your awning, cabana or canopy turns out, it also needs to be sturdy, reliable and free from defects. Choosing a reputable contractor and manufacturer with an honest and proven reputation goes a long way to ensuring a successful outcome. The best contractors want your input. They understand that they work for you, and their job is to deliver the results you are demanding.

Finalize the Design

Depending on your existing décor, bold colors for family-oriented beach and pool resorts is common and inviting for both young and the young at heart. Outdoor hotel bars that have or want to establish themselves as a popular nightlife locale tend to do best with darker shades for canopies and awnings. It creates an adult elegance.

So, now you have a contractor, you know your colors and designs. Would you like to see what it will look like before one bolt is turned or one nail is hammered? You can. Seek out an expert for advice on structure, style and set up. Then have it modeled through computer aided design. Professionals in CAD can “build” your dream without actually building. They can manipulate it so you can see it from different angles and in different light and varying configurations. You’re about to spend a significant amount of money on a permanent structure that can improve your business, or not. Many respectable manufactures may even offer this as part of their sales pitch.

A little forethought, knowing what you want to offer your customers, understanding your budget, finding the best builders and suppliers and then executing the plan are the important steps you need to take to bring a beautiful awning, canopy or cabana to your business that will attract and keep customers.