You finally put down the money on that new pool you’ve been dreaming of! Once you’ve finished designing it and adding all the design features you’ve always wanted, it’s time to start construction. Day one of your pool construction project will consist entirely of excavating your new pool’s construction site.

Excavation seems simple enough, but there’s plenty of factors to consider as the day nears. Make sure your backyard is prepared for the pool building traffic and potential problems that may arise during the project.

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Identify Potential Hazards in Your Backyard

Make sure your pool builders locate and clearly mark anything that you know will get in the way of digging, such as water pipes or buried electrical cables. A reputable pool designer will understand the importance of this. However, be prepared to address other problems that aren’t so easily identified at first. For example, if the construction crew hits bedrock, a large boulder, or a shallow water table, construction may be slowed as the problem is dealt with or your pool’s location changes. You may have to accommodate delays or additional expenses resulting from inevitable problems like these.

Protect Your Backyard

A major construction project like a pool means a lot of people and machines will be in and out of your yard all day. To prevent damage to your backyard, make sure to move small decorations like bird baths to a safe location like your garage. Ask if you should remove part of your fence so construction vehicles can get in easily. Most importantly, consider how to protect unmovable features like an outdoor kitchen. Trustworthy pool contractors should already have a plan to protect your kitchen, but never forget to ask if there’s anything you can do as well. You don’t want to ruin one backyard landmark for the sake of a new one.

Pro Tip: Your grass will inevitably get trampled during a pool construction project. Make sure to buy some new sod when the work is done.

Decide What to Do with the Dirt

Regardless of how big your pool is, you’ll end up with a lot of excavated soil. Most swimming pool builders will let you choose to either pay a little extra to have the dirt hauled away or keep it for yourself at no extra charge. Keeping the dirt allows you to add a hill in your backyard and provide an elevated space for a cool feature like a firepit to overlook your new pool. On the other hand, paying a little more to get rid of the dirt forever cleans up your backyard that much faster. Whatever you ultimately decide, make sure your pool contractor can accommodate you.

Get Ready for the Next Step!

A typical pool excavation normally takes a full day and may expand to two or three with work complications. Once the digging is finished, it’s time to start on reinforcement and plumbing! The best way to prepare for this is to keep the new gaping hole in your backyard clean and easily accessible. Don’t rebuild your fence or install anything else until the construction is fully finished. Most importantly, don’t go into the hole yourself–without the structural reinforcement from further construction, the dirt could still collapse.

Preparing for Dig Day

You’re most likely excited about your new custom pool and increased outdoor time! Although the design and construction phase will not be as fun, your new pool will be worth it. The best way you can help is to make the contractor’s job as easy as possible. The faster they can work, the faster you get your new pool!

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