7 Beautiful Flowering Shrubs to Add Color and Aroma to Your Outdoor Oasis

There is nothing better than the smell of colorful flowers delighting your senses! Whether your yard is large and spacious or cozy and small, it is always the perfect size for colorful and fragrant shrubs!  You can enjoy colorful and fragrant flowering shrubs year round. Share on X

Flowering Shrubs for Fragrance & Color

 You can easily plant flowering shrubs in the ground or in decorative planters to add aroma, ambiance, and fragrance to your yard. Here are seven beautiful flowering shrubs you need to add to your yard to help create the perfect outdoor oasis.

1) Amazing Azaleas

Azaleas grow effortlessly here in Texas and add a burst of color and scent to your outdoor space. There are several colors to choose from, along with fragrances ranging from sweet and fruity, to a dark and sultry spice.

2) Heavenly Honeysuckle

Remember when you were a kid and would pull apart honeysuckle to lick? Honeysuckle is a wonderfully fragrant plant and makes a perfect addition to your backyard space. Their sweet and fragrant nectar is a favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies and comes in colors from white, yellow, pink, and red.

3) Striking Star Jasmine

Star jasmine is an evergreen vine that blossoms fragrant white blossoms every spring. Perfect to grow along a pergola or arbor. Star jasmine is hearty and will last for years to come. There are also other, equally wonderful jasmine plants with other color blossoms, like Carolina jasmine and their bright yellow blooms.

4) Gorgeous Gardenia

The gardenia is a prized flowering shrub that is native from China, Japan, and Africa, and it grows perfectly in the humid Texas heat. Their gorgeous and highly fragrant white flowers are long-blooming, while their dark-green foliage will last the whole year through.

5) Lovely Lilacs

Lilacs are known for their heady scents and exuberant blooms of purple, mauve, white, or yellow. These lovely shrubs originally come from France and are renowned for their large sweet-scented blossoms. They prefer well-drained soil and will flower for three weeks during the late spring.

6) Magical Mexican Orange Blossom

Commonly called the Mexican Orange Blossom, the Aztec Pearl is an evergreen shrub with glossy, dark-green leaves and clusters of fragrant white flowers that bloom in the late spring. These decorative shrubs work perfect to add color throughout your outdoor kitchen or pool area, and their scent is sure to bring the butterflies.

7) Vivacious Viburnum

The viburnum is so versatile and comes in close to 200 species, ranging in both evergreen and deciduous forms. They come in a variety of heights, as well as number of different colors. Some viburnum flower in mid-winter and all offer gorgeous fall foliage, too.

Fragrance & Color with Flowering Shrubs

Whether you choose to plant some smaller flowering shrubs in decorative planters or choose vines to accent your arbor, you can enjoy their pop of color and sweet perfume all year round. Choose plants that are hearty growers for your zone, and be sure to choose various flowering times to overlap blooms.

To learn more about which flowering shrubs will add color and fragrance to your outdoor oasis, Contact Us.