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3 Steps to Backyard Pool Safety

There aren’t many better ways to beat the heat than diving into a swimming pool in your own backyard. But to no one’s surprise, an open body of water can present safety hazards if not handled correctly. This is particularly true for families with small children. For a truly safe and enjoyable pool experience, there are a few safety measures you should take.

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Swimming Pool Safety

For an adult, a swimming pool is a relaxing place to hang out and get some exercise. On the other hand, a poorly designed pool can be a dangerous place for an unprepared child. Keep your family safe with these pool safety precautions:

  1. Swimming lessons
  2. Install pool safety features
  3. Supervise kids in the pool

1) Swimming Lessons

When was the last time your kids took swimming lessons? Ensuring they know how to handle themselves in water will help them stay safe in the pool. Of course, current conditions mean that swimming lessons either aren’t happening or have to be significantly modified for safety’s sake. Get in touch with your local swimming instructor to see what you can do.

2) Install Pool Safety Features

Even a private backyard pool has to follow legal safety guidelines. For instance, your pool needs to be enclosed in a fence at least 4 feet high to prevent children from falling in. The gate on this fence must self-close and self-lock and be well secured when closed. The gate and any other potential entrances into the pool (such as a window) must be fitted with alarms that go off when someone tries to access the pool without your permission. Finally, make sure your pool drains are fitted with drain covers to prevent anyone or anything from being pulled underwater by the suction.

Pro Tip: Keep a lifesaving device and other emergency equipment near your backyard pool in case of emergency.

3) Supervise Kids in the Pool

Remember that kids are kids and prone to accidents. No matter how confident you are in your children’s swimming abilities and your pool safety features, supervise your kids whenever they use the backyard pool. Fast intervention in an emergency could save a life.

Enjoy Your Pool!

Taking a few steps to protect young children in the pool is more than worth it. With a few inexpensive additions and planning, you can ensure your kids will enjoy their time in the pool and stay safe in the process.

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Pool Safety: Staying Safe with Kids

As many homeowners have discovered, adding a custom, private swimming pool to the backyard provides countless hours of fun and entertainment for people of all ages. However, never forget that an open body of water can pose a hazard if not handled correctly. This is especially critical to consider if you have kids.

While pool safety is important for everyone to understand and practice, kids can be especially vulnerable to potential dangers in an improperly maintained or protected swimming pool. The best way to keep your kids safe is a combination of safety training and special safety features to keep your pool safe. Let’s look at a few proven ways to protect your little ones.

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Install Safety Features

Certain pool safety features, such as 4-foot high pool fencing in your backyard, are legally required. In addition to this basic precaution, consider adding a few extra safety features for an extra layer of protection. Ask your pool builder about adding a few things to your building plan:

  • Closing and self-latching gate for the fence
  • Pool cover
  • Pool alarm
  • Drain covers

Pro Tip: A swimming pool’s drain suction is too powerful for a small child to swim away from, whether it’s in your home pool or a public pool. If you visit a public pool and notice the drains are uncovered, it’s not worth the risk.

Prepare Your Kids

Do your kids know how to swim? If not, make sure they do! Swimming is more than just a fun summer activity–in an emergency scenario, knowing how to stay above water could easily save your child’s life. Sign your child up for swim lessons and encourage them to keep in practice.

Supervise Your Kids in the Pool

Even the most well-trained swimmer child is still a child. Their size and age make them vulnerable to unsafe pool conditions if they can’t properly swim or the pool isn’t properly maintained. Always keep an eye on your kids while they’re swimming, whether you’re at home or in public. It’s better to be a little too careful than to be careless.

Promote Pool Safety for Your Kids

A swimming pool adds monetary and entertainment value to your home and provides countless hours of fun. But make sure to keep safety in mind. With the proper safety features and precautions, your whole family can enjoy your pool safely for years to come.

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