3  Fun & Functional Patio Cover Design Ideas for Hot Houston Summers

With the Texas summer season gaining upon us, you might be wishing you had a way to properly shade yourself from the heating rays! Luckily, there are plenty of options, like patio covers, to keep you and your guests cool while still enjoying your luxurious pool!

In the Houston summer weather, is it even possible to relax outdoors? With these tips, you’ll feel at ease knowing you’ve taken the time beforehand to make comfort a priority. Share on X

How can Owning a pool be so relaxing, even in the hot sun?

You can avoid the stress and sweat of being a pool owner in the spring and summer heat by providing shade from the sun with these fun ideas:

  1. Opt for a custom outdoor patio
  2. Add a fun pergola
  3. Go big with a custom built pool house

1) Opt for a Custom Outdoor Patio Cover

Take a look around your backyard and note the opportunities you might have for a custom-built outdoor patio cover. Work with a professional builder to match the colors and materials of your home with the design of your patio. Then, you can add extra features to match the space– like outdoor furniture.

2) Add a Fun Pergola

Pergolas can be efficient and festive any time of year! Enjoy the shade in your outdoor living space when you’d like, and decorate the beams with light strings or weather-resistant streamers. You can quickly drape a tarp over the top of your pergola at any sign of rain or storm.

ProTip: Not sure about how to dress up your pergola year-round? Hang some outdoor lights to brighten things up and enjoy the glow!

3) Custom Built Pool House

A custom pool house is a great addition to any outdoor space! Enclose your pool area and add furniture that doesn’t need to be weather-resistant. You will be able to enjoy your pool, rain or shine while creating the feeling of being outdoors with large windows and glass doors.

Consult with a Professional

To make your backyard dreams a reality, call a professional to discuss what can be done to design and build your custom patio cover. Explore your options and discover what appeals to you and what fits your taste. Ultimately, you won’t regret covering your patio come rain or (too much) shine!

Share your thoughts! What else can be done to cover an outdoor patio space? We’d love to hear!