Designing An Outdoor Bar for Great Times

Setting up outdoor bars in a backyard is an excellent way for homeowners to maximize outdoor space in a home. As you add an outdoor bar in your home, implement features that will ‘fire up’ the place and make it more inviting to guests. What are the best features to consider?

What are some must-haves for your outdoor bar? Let’s take a look at the best accessories available for entertaining guests. Share on X

What should your outdoor bar include for entertainment?

The size and location of your new outdoor bar will influence the accessories you will add to its’ space. If you don’t know what equipment you should add to your outdoor bar, don’t worry, we’ll help you figure it out. Here are some of the outdoor bar appliances to consider:

  1. Bar Center
  2. Kegerator
  3. Wine Cooler
  4. Bar Furniture
  5. Fire Pit
  6. Pizza Oven
  7. Charcoal Grill

1) Bar Center

With a bar center outdoors, you can have all the things you’ll need for entertainment, including an ice bin, bottle opener, condiment holders, and a sink & faucet. If you are a mixologist, add a well near the bar center to store your favorite mixers.

2) Kegerator

If you intend to serve the guests with some briskly cold beer, add a kegerator to the outdoor bar. A kegerator is a small refrigerator that comes with one or two taps for dispensing beer. So, you won’t have to buy many beer bottles to serve your guests, helping you save more money. 

3) Wine Cooler

Enjoy chilly wine bottles while hosting a party in your backyard by adding a wine cooler to your outdoor bar. Unlike other outdoor refrigeration accessories, wine coolers work at a slightly higher temperature range. Most wine coolers have removable horizontal shelves for easy storage.

4) Bar Furniture

One of the essential features in an outdoor space is adequate seating. Consider adding some bar stools and chairs around the bar island and let the guests enjoy the party while sitting. It’s an excellent way to interact with the guests as you grill a savory meal.

Pro Tip: If your outdoor bar has no island, add a separate bar table and a set of chairs on one side. Select chairs that match the right height of the counter or bar table so you can enjoy and relax in comfort.

5) Fire Pit

You can also inspire your outdoor bar by adding a fire pit to your space. It will make the place more inviting for guests and family members. With the fire pits put in place, you can host night parties in your backyard throughout the year. Learn more about our fabulous fire pits to inspire your outdoor living.

6) Pizza Oven

An outdoor pizza oven is one of the best outdoor kitchen appliances that can also inspire your outdoor bar space. It’s highly versatile and easy to use, making it a must-have accessory for pizza lovers. The common types of pizza ovens include gas pizza ovens and wood pizza ovens. 

7) Charcoal Grill

A night party is not all about drinking. Alongside drinks, you can add a charcoal grill for an outdoor barbeque party. However, there are many charcoal BBQ grills, such as a built-in grill and a portable grill. The Big Green Egg is an excellent example of a portable grill.

Building the Outdoor Bar of Your Dreams

Designing outdoor bars is an excellent way to spice up the outdoor living. If you have a big backyard, you can add an outdoor bar that matches your style. Install high-quality accessories that can withstand extreme environmental conditions.

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