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According to reports, your kitchen is the first thing a prospective buyer will see to judge the overall condition of your house. It’s clear that you need to invest in your kitchen if you wish to have a luxurious house. And outdoor kitchens are turning out to be more valuable for a home than ever.

Investing in a kitchen is important for more than one reason. Not only does it help you market your property better, but it also adds a look to your house. Let’s not forget that we spend around 1 hour and 17 minutes eating and drinking each day. Plus an extra hour doing food preparation and cleanup. That’s a lot of time. Hence the need to work on your kitchen and turn it into a luxurious place to be.

Enter the era of outdoor kitchens. They are more vibrant and fun. Staying in your home even on a bright sunny day can be boring, so why not take your kitchen outside where you can prepare barbecues under the warm smiling sky. An outdoor kitchen also gives you much more space to fit a bigger family and everyone can have a gala time together. You also save time and energy that is wasted in going inside to grab the things that you need.

Sold on the idea of having your own outdoor kitchen? Let’s talk about tips on how to get one!

Usage Of Outdoor Kitchens

Custom Outdoor Kitchen with RCS Grill, Double Side burner, Refrigerator and SinkThe first thing you need to decide is the location. You can set up your kitchen in the backyard or front yard, or even on your terrace. Carefully plan the location so that you have no issues once everything is in place.

According to experts, people often end up wasting money on things they do not need. They step out to purchase and waste money on things that are not really useful for their situation. These include side burners and other such accessories. To avoid this mistake, make sure you know how you’ll be using your kitchen and for what purpose.

In order to set up a luxurious outdoor kitchen, you must know your requirements. Does your climate allow you to step outside and enjoy yourself, or are there only a few times throughout the year that you have a barbecue under the stars? Setting up an outdoor kitchen with a lot of accessories for events that you celebrate a few times a year doesn’t make sense.

If you want to have an outdoor kitchen just for cooking and still rely on your indoor kitchen most of the time, then a simple one will suit your needs. All you’ll need is a basic counter with some space for preparing food. However, if you’re planning to spend most of the time cooking and doing other chores outside, then it would be better to have vast space to prepare. You’ll also want a sink, refrigerator, cabinets and eating area or bar to entertain guests.


After knowing how you’d be using the space, the next thing to consider is your budget. We understand that your budget is limited, so make sure to spend wisely.

A prefab outdoor kitchen would cost you around $5,000. They come with a barbecue grill with space to keep your items inside. However, experts can help you get your desired kitchen for a budget much lower than that.

A 10-foot-long island with a spot for a barbecue grill comes under the budget of about $10,000. And if you wish to add more accessories, such as a refrigerator and midlevel grill, then get ready to spend another $5,000. However, a patio is not included in this amount and setting up a patio or a spot to keep your kitchen is still a need and its cost depends on the size of the patio.

If you’re an outdoor kitchen lover and would love to get your outdoor kitchen custom-made, then can expect to budget anywhere from $25,000 and $100,000. We know this sounds a lot, so make sure to do some budgeting. Also, remember that the cost depends on the items you purchase.

Having an outdoor kitchen set up close to the house can save you from the costs of pulling water, gas and electrical wires from afar. The cost mentioned above includes the cost for gas and electrical line. The overall cost may differ, however a gas pipe would cost around $12 per foot and electric wire would cost about $8 per foot.

But do not let the cost scare you. You can get it all done for as low as $1,000. All you need is the right person to do the job for you. The more amenities you need, the more you’ll be paying.

Hiring A pro Or DIY?

Home owners with DIY skills might have the ability to make an enclosed grill with counter spaces themselves. Nonetheless, some parts of an outdoor kitchen, particularly when it comes to managing gas, water and electrical lines, require an expert. It could be better to search for landscape designers and contractors who knows the drill when it comes to outdoor kitchens.

You may need permission before you build an outdoor kitchen, based on where you live. It is wise to inquire before you begin any sort of construction. Again, a professional outdoor living contractors knows what permits might be necessary in your area and may include permitting in an estimate.

Time Period

The duration it takes to complete a project depends on a lot of factors, most importantly the work needed. Brick work, a grill and an outdoor refrigerator could take fewer than seven days. However, if your outdoor kitchen includes features such as a shade structure and patio, then it may take a few weeks as it also requires applying for permits to build the structures.

A lot of people begin thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen in spring, which makes this a busy time for contractors.

Layout and Arrangement

After figuring out your need and costs, the next step involves selecting a location and arranging your outdoor kitchen accordingly. If you have the budget and you’ll be utilizing the kitchen more frequently for entertainment purposes then it doesn’t have to be right next to the house.

For the cook, set up a bar or a counter with seating and a feasting table available close by. But keep in mind that the chef needs space to stroll about. Also take care of the wind so that the guests don’t end up in smoke from the grill.

When it comes to an outdoor kitchen, the options are endless and the sky’s the limit. You may just install a few chairs and counter with a stove and get going, or go full blown with other accessories. See what your budget allows and what you’re requirements are and give it a go.