The holidays are right around the corner! Are you ready for guests (sometimes unexpected) and holiday celebrations? Is your house ready for the festivities or are you feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out how to get your home ready in time? If you are feeling anxious about getting your house ready for the holidays, have no fear. These 7 tips will help you get your home holiday ready in no time. Share on X

Getting Your Home Ready for the Holiday Season

Hosting guests or a holiday party at your home can be stressful and time-consuming if you don’t have a plan of action. Here are seven ways to get your home ready for the holiday season:

  1. Deep Clean
  2. Declutter & Organize
  3. Get Festive with Decorations
  4. Guest Rooms Ready
  5. Light Up the Night
  6. Elevate Your Outdoor Space
  7. Add a Spark

1) Deep Clean

Don’t just clean, give your home a deep clean. Clean up areas that are usually neglected, like the top of the refrigerator, the oven, the banister, ceiling fan blades, and anything else that hasn’t been cleaned regularly.

2) Declutter & Organize

If you have stacks of papers sitting around, go through them. Organize drawers and cabinets, and anything else that feels cluttered. This is the perfect time to simplify and get rid of junk that is taking up space and collecting dust.

3) Get Festive with Decorations

Now that you have deep cleaned and organized, spruce up your space with festive decorations. Add lights, fresh flowers, and other decorative holiday treasures around your home to make it feel welcoming and comfortable.

4) Guest Rooms Ready

Spend extra time making your guests feel special by getting the guest room and bathroom perfect for their stay. Make sure there is plenty of toilet paper, extra towels and blankets, and also other things they might need like soap, toothpaste, and tissue paper.

5) Light Up the Night

Invest in some inexpensive night lights and place them in the hallways and guest areas in case your visitors need to get up in the middle of the night.

6) Elevate Your Outdoor Space

What better way to entertain this holiday than by heading outside? Create a comfortable seating area under your covered patio, or spend an evening grilling in your outdoor kitchen. Everyone loves the brisk air while enjoying some hot, deliciously grilled vittles!

7) Add a Spark

Pro Tip: A perfect way to get your home ready for the holidays is to add an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit to your outdoor living space. 

Place oversized and comfy seating around your fire pit or outdoor fireplace for the perfect place for everyone to relax and create memories.

Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Getting your home ready for the holidays doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful when you follow the above tips. Once you have your home ready and cleaned up, you can relax and enjoy your guests and holidays without having to worry about a thing.

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