Do you have a perfectly landscaped yard? Or is your yard neglected and not used at all? If you have kids, your backyard can be a wonderful place to help inspire creativity and play. But how do you go about getting a kid-friendly backyard? There are plenty of ways to keep everyone happy and your backyard in use.

Making Your Backyard Kid Friendly

Your backyard can be adult and kid-friendly without too much stress or hassle. By making a few changes you can have a backyard that kids will want to spend all day in making memories. Share on X Here are seven great ideas for making your backyard perfect for all ages.

  1. A House for Play
  2. The Right Size
  3. Get Them Gardening
  4. Water Features
  5. Backyard Toys
  6. A Place for Art
  7. An Outdoor Kitchen

1) A House for Play

A backyard room is perfect for play! Your yard might already have some great little nooks or corners to create the perfect secret room for your kiddo, but if not, a pool house, trellis, or a pergola covered with vining plants can create the perfect nook for your little one to hideout, read a book, or engage in imaginary play.

2) The Right Size

Your kids need furniture that is the right size for them! Give them a special area under your covered patio with pint-sized seating and a table. With so many options available, you can find some kid-sized decor that matches your overall look and feel–or let them choose the new seating and dining area they would like!

3) Get Them Gardening

Kids can learn so much from gardening. Setting up a little garden area for your kids helps teach them patience, how to care for something, and can also help them learn to like various fruits and veggies! Some kid-friendly plants are tomatoes, radishes, carrots, different herbs, and strawberries.

4) Water Features

Kids love to play in the water–especially in the summertime when they are home from school and the weather is so hot! If you already have a pool, a waterslide is a great addition, but if you don’t, there are other ways to add water to your backyard. A splash pad, a stream or creek, or waterfall are easy ways to add some water fun for your kids.

5) Backyard Toys

Consider adding a playground area to your backyard for hours of endless play! Swings, a slide, balance beams, and a sandbox equipped with shovels, buckets, and molds are other great ideas to make your backyard more kid-friendly.

6) A Place for Art

The outdoors can be a terrific inspiration for art! Make your backyard kid-friendly by setting up an art area for them to paint, draw, and create. Set aside an area for an art easel or table for them to use to paint pictures and draw things they see outside. With all the flowers, butterflies, and birds, there is no shortage of things to be your child’s muse.

7) An Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard is another way of making your backyard kid friendly. Not only will you better be able to watch your kiddos while they are enjoying their outside time, but you can also get them to help cook and experiment with meal time.

A Backyard Kids Will Love

There is no reason that you can’t turn your backyard into a place that everyone of all ages will love to spend time. By adding one (or a few) of the above suggestions to your outdoor space, you can create a backyard kids will love to spend time in.

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