People are spending a lot more time in their outdoor spaces and having a bland yard just won’t cut it anymore. These days, people want to transform their yards to make it a place to unwind, relax, and entertain with ponds, flower beds, vegetable gardens, outdoor kitchens, and more increasingly, fire features.  

Transform Your Yard with Outdoor Fire Features

If you are hoping to transform your yard, but you’re unsure which fire feature will be a good fit in your outdoor space, get transfixed by one of these outdoor fire features and you’ll be sitting around the fire telling stories in no time.

  1. Built-In Fireplace
  2. Fire Pit
  3. A Bowl of Fire
  4. Fire Column
  5. Chiminea
Looking to transform your yard with an outdoor fire feature? Here are 5 popular fire features to help you make your decision. Share on X

1) Built-In Fireplace

A built-in fireplace is a perfect way to enjoy an outdoor fire all year. A built-in fireplace fits perfectly when designed to match your covered patio. Choose from a variety of materials, colors, styles, and finishes. Make sure to talk to an outdoor living design expert to help you create your perfect built-in fireplace.

2) Fire Pit

The most popular outside fire feature these days is the fire pit. They literally come in every shape and style and can, like the built-in fireplace, be made from a plethora of materials, and finishes. In addition to providing heat and a comforting place to sit and relax, your pit can also help you cook up some tasty food, too.

3) A Bowl of Fire

While they seem similar, the fire bowl is different than a fire pit, in that a bowl is not usually built into the ground, but is usually portable and much more lightweight. Fire bowls can be useful in areas that have regulations set by landlords or housing authorities.

4) Fire Column

A fire column is a newer fire feature that combines the best of a fire bowl, but into a sleek and stylish column that is typically fueled by gas. They take up less room and are, like bowls, usually portable. Fire columns, however, should only be used for heating, and not for cooking foods.

5) Chiminea

A chiminea is another fire feature that comes from the American Southwest and Mexico areas. The word chiminea is Spanish for chimney and that is exactly what it is–a portable chimney. It provides heat and comes made in terracotta or even metal.  The shape of this fire feature sends the smoke upwards and also allows it to be used while it’s raining outside.

Outdoor Fire Features

ProTip: Fire features can instantly transform your yard, creating a natural gathering place you and your family can sit around relaxing, making smores, and creating memories.

Whether you choose to have a fireplace built into your covered patio or a fire pit with cozy chairs seated around it, an outdoor fire feature is one of the best ways to help boost your home value and also creates a great focal point in your yard.

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