Why Visit Your Design Studio and Retail Store in Person?

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Ever since e-commerce or online shopping became a popular trend among millions of people worldwide, there are only a select few who like to purchase their stuff from physical stores. However, when we were asked, “Why homeowners should visit their design firm and purchase products for their projects in person?”, we had 8 credible reasons to answer that question. So we thought why not share those reasons with our audience?

Here are the top 8 reasons to visit your design studio and retail store before making a move on your home project:

1. You Know What You Are Buying

Shopping online can be much less of a hassle since everything is happening through the might of the internet. But can you really trust online retailers? According to this article, a lot of scammers are online too, waiting to “fool around” and loot unsuspecting individuals . You don’t want that, do you?

Buying products locally that are essential for your home project is always a good option since you are aware of what you are buying, which means you never get ripped off. In simple words, you actually know what you are buying because you can get your hands on the product before purchasing it. Most online retailers don’t upload original photos because their products are not as good as they claim them to be.

2. Negotiation Becomes Possible in Person

Have you ever tried to negotiate your way out of something online? Did it work? We are certain that it didn’t. If it did, you probably should seek a sales job because you’ve got great persuasive skills! For most people, negotiating online is useless. But once you visit a retail store or your design firm in person, you can easily lower the price down and purchase the required goods at a very affordable price.

So why is negotiation mostly effective in person? Because most online design studios or retail stores are not in contact with distributors. They purchase the products at wholesale prices and then sell them up in equal amounts that local retailers offer. But since local design firms and retail stores buy their equipment, materials and products from distributors and manufacturers, they can lower their retail prices drastically, hence, allowing you to negotiate and get some discount on their products.

3. Get to Know Them Better and Avoid Nut Jobs

There are a plethora of design studios and home equipment retailers but only a few of them really care about their customers and offer reasonably good products and services. You cannot know for sure if someone actually has what it takes to finish your project. After all, you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars only to have it botched up on a grand scale, do you?

As human beings, our instincts are honed to better judge someone in person. Visiting your design firm and retailers makes it easier for you to see if they are up for the task or not. Since most online design firms and retailers aren’t registered and don’t have a physical address – you can’t know if those online individuals are equipped with extensive experience or if they are even licensed to offer their services.

4. Discussing Matters Becomes Easier too

Neglecting to pay a visit at your design firm is always a bad move since you cannot rely on ‘phone talk’ alone. Talking on the phone can create misunderstandings which can lead to either unexpected and deeply dissatisfying results.

Once you take the time to meet with a representative from your design firm, it becomes very easy to communicate and clearly articulate project details and your expectations. The same can be said for retail stores.; if you want to avoid miscommunication, it’s better to get yourself up and moving.

5. Allows You to See Their Work in Real-Time

Everybody loves to see a house that has been designed and decorated by the design firm itself. While most home design and remodeling firms offer you to see their portfolio which includes plethora of design ideas and photos, you should visit their physical location to have a better idea of their expertise. Visiting a design studio and taking a walk with one of their representatives will allow you to see their work firsthand so you can be certain that this is the firm you want to hand over the project to.

6. The Design Studio Gets to Know Your Needs Better

If you desire to give an utterly pleasing and appealing look to your house, you need to get your design firm to physically see your house. Knowledge alone isn’t everything. Having the design studio to take a look at your home would allow them to know exactly how you have reimagined it. It becomes very hard for design firms to give your house an exemplary appearance without physically taking a glimpse of first.

7. Choose from a Variety of Products and Materials

While online shopping is convenient, you won’t find the same plethora of options as you do at your design studio’s retail outlet. When you visit a retail store, you have a variety of products that you can opt for. A much wider range of options, lets you decide what’s best for your home design project. For many people, visiting a retail store opens up their mind to new possibilities and allows them to brainstorm different design ideas once they see the rich variety of materials and equipment that can be used in their project.

8. Better and More Personalized Customer Service

Everyone wants to be treated with an appropriate level of respect and courtesy, and this especially rings true in terms of customer service, which is something that’s not attainable online. You need to visit your design studio’s retail store in person in order to experience great customer service.

The representatives will also give you genuine advice on products and materials that would be perfect for your home project. Meeting with a design firm will allow their representatives to propose plenty of design ideas which will better aid you in purchase making decisions.
Final Words
While the idea of conveniently ordering things online from the comfort of your bed or living room may seem very appealing, you might be in for some troublesome issues which can leave your home design project in bad shape.

Visiting your design firm’s retail store allows you to get to know the actual driving force behind the product and services offered, and see to it that they do the job as you expect.