• 12oz tube of sausage
  • Meat Church Holy Voodoo or seasoning of choice
  • Biscuits
  • Texas Pepper Jelly berry medley
  • Cheddar jack cheese
  • Duck fat


  • Big Green Egg
  • big Green egg convEGGtor
  • Big green egg EGGspander
  • Meater+ blue tooth thermometer
  • Duck fat
  • Texas Pepper Jelly Berry medley
  • Meat Church Holy voodoo


  • Unwrap sausage but maintain shape as much as possible
  • Season sausage with Meat church holy voodoo
  • Light the charcoal and preheat the egg to 350 degrees
    Insert ConvEGGtor for indirect cooking
  • Insert Meater+ blue tooth thermometer to monitor the internal temperature of the sausage
  • Place sausage on the grate and smoke the sausage to an internal temp of 165 degrees
  • Spray duck fat onto skillet and player biscuits across
  • Place biscuits into the egg to cook until they are golden brown
  • Once sausage is 165 degrees internal, remove and rest
  • Once biscuits are golden brown remove from egg
  • Slice the sausage into patties and place on a split biscuit. Top with cheese and Texas Pepper Jelly berry medley!