• 1 roasting chicken
  • Meat Church Bird Bath Brine
  • Meat Church Honey Hog
  • Duck Fat


  • Firemagic e790 grill
  • Big green egg pecan smoking chips
  • Duck fat spray
  • Meat church honey hog
  • Meat church bird bath brine
  • Meater+ thermometer
  • Yeti loadout bucket
  • Yeti tank with cutting board lid


  • Mix a cup of Meat Church Bird Bath Brine and ½ gallon of water, shake or stir to dissolve
  • Drop chicken in the brine and make sure its fully submersed
  • Refrigerator chicken in the brine for 12-24 hours
  • Remove from brine, pat dry, spray with duck fat spray, and season with Meat Church Honey Hog
  • Prepare wood smoker tray or smoker tube in gas grill (optional)
  • Slide chick onto rod, insert the forks and tighten down, and tie with string or twine
  • Insert the Meater+ thermometer to monitor your cooking temp and internal temperature of the chicken via app
  • Cook using the back rotisserie burner for approximately 2 hours at 275 degrees, or until internal temperature hits 160
  • Pull chicken off the grill and let it rest for at least 10 minutes to let the juices re-distribute