• Yoder YS640S competition cart
  • Meat church Holy cow
  • Yeti roadie cooler


  • Start Yoder pellet smoker, preheat at 275
  • Fill hopper with BBQ’r Delight Oak pellets
  • Remove from plastic wrap
  • Pat dry
  • Trim fat
  • Apply binder – we use a soppin sauce. Mustard or Worcestershire sauce work also
  • Apply Meat Church Holy Cow rub
    Inject rub using jaccard meat tenderizer
  • Flip brisket and repeat
  • Place brisket on top rack of Yoder and insert meat probe (Monitor your cook using the built in FireBoard app)
  • Spritz with an apple cider vinegar or Worcestershire once an hour
  • At 165 degrees, wrap with 2 layers of pink butcher paper and return to the smoker
  • Continue to cook until brisket reaches an internal temp between 195-203. Brisket is done when you can probe and get little to no resistance, similar to inserting probe into butter.
  • Remove from smoker and rest in Yeti cooler covered with towels for approx 1-2 hours. If holding longer, wrap tightly with foil first.
  • Slice against the grain (hint: the flat grain runs perpendicular to the point (fatty end) so it can be easier to cut the point end, approx 1/3rd, in order to rotate and slice).