• Meat church Holy cow and meat church holy gospel
  • Big green egg xl
  • Big green egg wood chips hickory
  • Big green egg conveggtor
  • Yeti roadie cooler


  • Remove from package
  • Pat dry. Do not remove membrane.
  • Apply binder – we use a soppin sauce, mustard, or duck fat
  • Season liberally with Meat Church Holy Cow and Holy Gospel
  • Big Green Egg set up for indirect with the convEGGtor installed, temp at 250 degrees.
  • Add wood chips or chunks – recommend oak or hickory
  • Smoke the ribs about 3-4 hours, spritzing with apple cider vinegar 1 time per hour until ribs are at 165 internally
  • Prepare 2 layers of pink unwaxed butcher paper and spritz the paper
  • Wrap ribs tight and place bag on egg
  • Continue cooking at 250 until the ribs are probe tender. Typically at 195-203
  • Pull from egg and rest in cooler for at least 1 hour
  • Slice and enjoy