Creekstone Outdoor Living Minimalist Living Room

Having a small living room can be troublesome. You don’t know where to place your new furniture or how to accommodate guests. While increasing the real floor area may not be possible, clever planning can make your living room appear bigger than it actually is, while allowing you to use the space in a better manner.

Here are 10 tips that can help you capitalize on an immensely small living room.

Blending Rooms

Creekstone Outdoor Living Custom Room InspirationBlend your living room with your other rooms to make it appear bigger. This can be done by merging doors and walls of adjacent rooms into your living room.

Keep the example of a kitchen in mind. If you have your kitchen right next to the living room, but it’s separated by a window and wall, you can remove this barrier and go for an open kitchen. This way your kitchen would be a part of the living room making it look bigger. Plus, you will also find it easy to cater to people, especially when you are hosting an event at your place.

You can also blend your living room with your outdoor living space. Installing a patio door invites guests to enjoy both your indoors and outdoors spaces. Your outdoor space could be a simple sitting area with table and chairs or a complete outdoor kitchen to enhance your home’s value and add a larger area for entertaining.

Custom Made Furniture And Shelves

Creekstone Outdoor Living Custom Bench InspirationKeep away from large and heavy furniture. It will occupy a lot of space and make the room look more smaller. Rather, go for, adjustable furniture, like couches. For instance, a couch having valuable storage space available underneath can remove the need to have drawers and more furniture in the room.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase a custom couch, get innovative and consider a rollaway drawer with sections and place it under the couch. Installing vertical creative brackets on wall will also free up a lot of floor space.

The idea is to use as little furniture as possible. Having nothing in your living room but a place to sit can be enough at times. The free space can be used to accommodate guests. Cluttered rooms look smaller than they are, so do away with the items that you do not need.

Creative Arrangement

The arrangement of your furniture says a lot. For example, if you place your couch in the middle of the room, the room would appear very small as there wouldn’t be enough space to walk. Conversely, if you place your couch in a corner, the whole room will be accessible, making it look bigger. We tend to gauge a room’s size based on the amount of empty space that we see.

You should also use your furniture to create different zones in your living room. For example, a couch can be placed in front of a TV to make it look like the ‘TV area’ and a work table can be placed in another corner to make it looks like the ‘work area.’

In addition to this, you can also enhance the design of the room by placing different lighting in each zone. The TV area can be highlighted by hanging a light above, and a lamp can be placed next to the study table to highlight the work zone.

Multi-Purpose Items

Use items that serve multiple purpose so that you do not overcrowd the room. For instance, a table used as a work desk and eating area or a pull out couch bed can be a good choice.

Rather than having floating shelves, select gliding drawers. They fill a similar need and give you additional compartments for necessities as well. These days, concept furniture is in. You can get couches that can turn into beds and even into tables. While such an investment requires a good amount of money, it can be very useful in the long run.

Tones On The Walls

Utilizing white or paler tones can improve the overall view of your room. Use the same color for the wall and the trim as it would make the room look bigger. When your walls match the color of your trim, your eyes are attracted to the ceiling, which makes the room appear bigger.

However, you can also use darker hues such as charcoal dim. These shades can make your living space gorgeously welcoming. But keep in mind to get contrasting furniture and pale floor covering if you’re using darker shades.

Use Rugs That Cover A Large Area

Use rugs that cover your entire seating area. It makes it appear as if you have an extra amount of space on the floor. In addition to this, rugs also look very attractive. However, make sure to use large sized rugs as a small rug would not serve the same purpose.

Eye Catching Features in One Corner

Concentrate on one corner of the room and fill it with attractive furniture and features that appeal to visitors. You can use special lighting and fixtures to give it a good look, but make sure the space doesn’t look congested.

If you have a section highlighted, most visitors would concentrate on it, neglecting other zones which you can leave empty to make your room look spacious.

It is necessary for a smaller room to be decently decorated because we spend a lot of time in the living room. Pick customizable decor and adjust it according to the available space.

We hope these simple yet effective tips will help you make your living room look bigger. The key lies in using little furniture, having empty space and using a clever mix of lights and colors to give your room a new look that makes it look bigger than it actually is.