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When leaves start to grow old, turn red and fall apart from the stems, this only means one thing – the refreshing autumn season has arrived!

Folks rejoice during the fall season with their friends, family and relatives. In this article, we discuss 10 ways to enjoy your time outdoors in this beautiful and ever-pleasing season.

1. Go Shopping

If you are an autumn lover like me, you might enjoy shopping for ornaments and other items exclusively available in this season. Go purchase some clothes and apparels that complement your tastes in this season. Buy decorational items to beautify your home or office, making it more festive and pleasing to the eye.

2. Sleep under the Stars

Why not sleep under the stars? While it is quite enjoyable to take in a little star gazing in both summers and winters, autumn is the perfect season to do that. Be sure to cover up yourself with a blanket before going to sleep as it can get noticeably cold at night. While stargazing, you’ll notice how romantic and magical it can be to spend your time with a loved one under the stars.

3. Go Hiking

Enjoy the beauty and allure of nature by going on a hike which is the perfect way to cherish breathtaking scenery as yellow, orange and red leaves surround you. Consider taking a partner with you who is also a nature lover to make the hike more memorable. Listen intently to the sounds of crumbling leaves under your feet as you walk about – it can be very therapeutic to say the least.
To make hiking more interesting and pleasing to the senses, we recommend you go for a hike in the mountains, forests and places densely populated by trees.

4. Hit the Road

Autumn is the perfect excuse to get out and burn some calories while running down the road. Go for a trail run in the morning if you want to savour fresh oxygen or go running in the afternoon if you prefer to take in the tantalizing fragrance of autumn. If you own a bike, you can enjoy the road even more and discover great places nearby where the true colors and magnificence of the season are in full bloom.

5. Capture Awestruck Moments

I can’t help but think what a perfect season autumn is to enjoy awe-inspiring views in your locality. And you can make these views even more stunning by finding spots autumn’s majestic beauty is on full display; a great opportunity to whip out that high-end camera you just bought and take some snaps. Share these moments with your friends and family and they’ll probably get just as lost in those visuals for sure.

6. Scavenger Hunts, Anyone?

Fall scavenger hunts are a guaranteed adventure for everybody. Whether you’re out with your family or a group of friends and coworkers, a hike in the woods or even a small get together in your own backyard can be an ideal place for a scavenger hunt. Why not use the autumn leaves to hide items and make it all the more challenging for everybody? Be sure to make a list of these items so that everybody knows what they are looking for. The one with the most items is declared the winner and a true hunter!

7. Play with Fallen Leaves

Do you want to fool around and enjoy some of the happiest and most memorable moments of your life? Take your loved ones with you, grab a rake and start brainstorming creative ideas to utilize infinite fallen leaves. You can also make a big pile of leaves then jump right into it to enjoy a warm, crisp and comfy sack or maybe hide in it and enjoy some alone time to relax and reflect. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

8. Have an Outdoor Barbeque

During this fresh and crispy season, why not enjoy your favorite, mouthwatering meals outdoors? Imagine the blazing fire of barbeque grills and your backyard covered with fallen leaves as your meal gets bathed in a beautiful yellowish-reddish hue. Having your friends and family over for an outdoor barbeque is the perfect way to enjoy autumn nights and make the season unforgettable. You can even rake fallen leaves once you’re stuffed to the hilt and relax afterwards by taking in some music or watching a movie.

9. Enjoy a Picnic

There is something magical and fun about picnics which makes them so enjoyable, yet they are so underrated. You can have a picnic in the middle of a park, the woods or mountains. Just grab some sandwiches, a bottle of wine, plastic glasses and plates, a blanket and you are good to go! Having a picnic with your partner can also be very romantic, especially if you’ve chosen a breathtaking spot where both of you can truly cherish the fruits of nature along with each other’s company.
10. Fancy a Horseback Ride?
Horseback riding is the perfect way to enjoy autumn in its purest form. It’s a great way to view breathtaking scenery while also learning the ropes (literally) of riding a horse, which can be very exciting. All you need is a little help from someone who’s ridden horses, some practice and basic riding gear to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Plus, if you ever wanted to fulfill your western movie fantasies, this is it!

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