Why Outdoor Kitchens are Perfect for Bringing People Together

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and everyone is busy planning the perfect get together with their family and friends.
Since Thanksgiving is all about having one awesome get together at home ― we’ll be focusing on something that doesn’t derail too far from the boundaries of your home: an outdoor kitchen.
Outdoor kitchens are a perfect way to bring people together. They are usually built in your backyard or deck, which gives you enough space to invite plenty of people. Everyone can sit out, enjoy delicious turkey and have fun together.
Many people like the idea of turning their yards into an “outdoor room” which is simply perfect for Thanksgiving. In fact, 30% of the U.S. citizens who love outdoor get togethers plan to upgrade their outdoor kitchen every three years.
In this article, we share 5 reasons that make outdoor kitchens perfect for occasions such as Thanksgiving.


Covered outdoor rooms are one of the best ways to enjoy winters without getting cold. A regular outdoor kitchen produces about 50,000 BTUs of heat, which makes your covered space more cozy and comfortable ― allowing you to enjoy the winters outdoors ― especially around Thanksgiving without worrying about getting cold. It’s also a perfect way to lower your air-conditioning costs while enjoying the perfect outdoor gathering, and have more to spend on Thanksgiving.


We tend to keep our indoor kitchens as compact as possible since it’s normally used to cook food for a single family, and only a handful of people can access the kitchen at any given time. However, since an outdoor kitchen is much roomier, it allows you to have more people and particularly cooks so they can prepare as much food as is required.
Since outdoor kitchens are normally set up in backyards, these places are great for letting your children play without any toys. Children are creative; they like to explore and having an open space such as this is always fun for them.


Homes are often designed according to the number of heads in a family. Your home might not have ample space to accommodate all guests, making it difficult for everyone to have fun.
This is also one of the reasons why a number of people don’t want to have get togethers at their place. Therefore, outdoor kitchens are a better choice for occasions like Thanksgiving ― you want a spacy area where more people can sit and enjoy themselves to their heart’s content.


You cannot cook with grills and smokers inside your house because it leaves behind soot which will eventually ruin the look of your indoor kitchen, and also makes it uncomfortable to breath in. This is one of the reasons why 71% of the U.S. population prefers to cook on grills and smokers outside.
Cooking this way can also be lot of fun. This is because you’re not afraid to experiment with recipes, grilling techniques ― which can be hazardous indoors, should any kind of unfortunate incident take place. According to HPBA, 54% of the US residents cook outdoors for personal enjoyment, 42% of them cook because it provides entertainment to family/friends, 23% of them experiment and make outdoor cooking a hobby and 32% prefer outdoors simply because it’s more convenient.


Thanksgiving can be a boring day when you have nothing unique to give to your guests. However, when it comes to outdoor gatherings, everything becomes that much more joyful ― the ambiance, cozy environment, delicious food and lively conversations. Plus, as people, we tend to spend a great deal of our time outdoors because it’s more engaging and fun.
Having an outdoor kitchen is perfect to bring people together because it’s more convenient, the environment is healthier, the ambiance is unique and it adds an extra layer of aroma and flavor to everyone’s favorite food.


Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. If you want to make it memorable, nothing is better than having an outdoor kitchen that conveniently sits on your yard or deck. It not only provides a cozy ambiance but also sparks your creativity as you look for ways to make your meals more delicious and inspiring.