Creekstone Outdoor Living - 2016 Outdoor Kitchen Trends Cover Photo

Every year people all around the world happily bid farewell to the old and obsolete kitchen styles that were once dominant, and welcome new trends, themes and design elements when it comes to sprucing up their outdoor kitchens. Are you also planning to keep your kitchen nice and trendy for years to come?

You’ve certainly come to the right place: after many long and insightful interviews with interior decorators and home designers, we’ve put together a list of the top three kitchen styles and trends you can integrate to make your kitchen future-proof.

1. Metal works

The most contemporary look of 2016 revolves around having the entire space filled with a multitude of metallic frameworks and structures such as this rusty-looking counter top. One of the biggest advantages of going with metallic workings in an outdoor kitchen is that it is weatherproof, compared to the conventional wooden countertops and cabinets. It does not rust, nor does it absorb water, so regardless of where your outdoor kitchen is, you can maintain that posh and stylish look all year round without having to refurbish your items every month. Take a look at these latest metallic kitchen works that are really in:

Creekstone Outdoor Living - 2016 Outdoor Kitchen Trends 2

Creekstone Outdoor Living - 2016 Outdoor Kitchen Trends

2. Smart Kitchens

Smart kitchens are the latest thing going around. Imagine our fridge is connected to the Internet and all your cutlery is bluetooth-ready. People nowadays opt for these kinds of kitchens solely because they provide so much ease of use. Each and every appliance is interconnected and quite possibly voice-controlled too. In addition, being mobile-ready means you can turn on the stove or microwave as you park your car in the driveway. That and many more features allow easy and full access to every appliance in your kitchen. This photo speaks volumes:

Creekstone Outdoor Living - 2016 Outdoor Kitchen Trends 4

3. Recycled materials

This is the least popular yet the most economically and environmentally feasible outdoor kitchen style. It might require you to put in more effort, but costs notably less. It consists of used articles only and items such as old furniture and tools repurposed for kitchen fixtures. You can simply recycle the wood and create new furniture from it, or you can hammer old planks together to build a counter. So long as the finishing looks good, it does not matter what the material is. Here are some examples:

Creekstone Outdoor Living - 2016 Outdoor Kitchen Trends 5

Creekstone Outdoor Living - 2016 Outdoor Kitchen Trends 6