Outdoor Kitchens

Everyone wants to enjoy living in an eye-catching outdoor space. Many folks with high-paying jobs are able to create brilliant outdoor spaces but, unfortunately, they find it impossible to maintain them either due to the materials not being able to withstand climatic disasters or a hefty cost for everyday wear and tear maintenance.
In this article, we discuss appropriate materials that not only enhance the life of your outdoor space but also keeps it beautiful and functional for a lifetime. We have hand-picked three options for your outdoor space in this regard:

Best Flooring Option – Concrete

If you want a durable, low-cost and low maintenance flooring for your outdoor space, we always recommend concrete. However, some people think that it’s too common and not trendy enough. Fortunately, most outdoor enthusiasts have found a way to make concrete look cool, professional and high-end: stain the concrete with color or stamps to create textures that mimic expensive bricks. This makes concrete the best low-cost, durable and maintenance-free floor for outdoor spaces.

Although concrete tends to crack and wear off if it has to bear to many footsteps on a daily basis, we doubt you would experience the same. Besides, who has people by the dozens daily walking on their outdoor space anyway? Still, if the concrete somehow breaks, it is replaceable which costs only a dime compared to other hardscape materials.

For people who really don’t want to go with concrete, we advise them to go with either natural stones or traveline tiles, which are a bit pricy but more appealing.

Best Wood Materials to Consider

To make your outdoor space stunning yet unique, you need something else than simple flooring materials. Woods are known to give that appearance to an outdoor space. Since there are plethora of wood flooring options to consider, here are the most popular wood materials, which we believe are ideal:

Pressure Treated Lumber

This wood is a great option if your patios are in contact with the ground and you have a damp environment in your outdoor space. Pressure-treated lumber is very affordable and also rigid enough to withstand high moisture environments. It is readily available but to maintain its good looks, annual maintenance is required.


Redwood is mostly popular for its rot-resistance properties. When it’s sealed, it also becomes very durable and lasts a lot longer than any other wood materials out there. However, the reddish hue may not appeal to everyone’s tastes or may be considered too pricey by some folks since it is among the most expensive natural woods.


This wood is also durable, long-lasting and has rot-resisting properties similar to redwood. As luck would have it, it is less expensive than redwood and many go for this wood for their outdoor spaces. However, since it weathers to a silvery gray texture, it is popular in coastal areas including places that are near inland lakes.

Composite Wood

Finally, not a natural wood but definitely worth putting in our list. Composite wood is composed of plastic and wood fiber. It provides the look and feel of wood but technically, it isn’t. Since it includes plastic as its main ingredient, maintaining it is very low-cost. It doesn’t warp, split or shrink but it can be stained and painted.


Keep in mind that wood requires more maintenance than concrete, so if you want a maintenance-free flooring, we suggest that you opt for concrete or travertine tiles. To make your outdoor space even more pleasing, why not go for synthetic grass? It doesn’t require maintenance and offers the appearance and feel of genuine grass, minus the fragrance. If you want to know anything else about outdoor space, feel free to ask us – we will be happy to help you out.