Lynx Grill is one of the best on the market, with a duty solid burner, lifetime guarantee, three-speed rotisserie and – surprise! – Wi-Fi features. All you need is power and fuel (propane or natural gas will do the job) and you are ready to cook some delicious foods.

Control Lynx Grill With Your Gadget

Once you have everything in check, you can operate your grill in a manual mode. Or you can grab your Android or iOS device and speak to your grill. When you press the power button, connect the grill to your wi-fi, and then access it from an app. The app will guide you through the simple setup steps, and it’s all done.

But you can’t just start using the voice interaction feature. First, you need to memorize phrases for each command. If you don’t, the Smart Grill will ask you to repeat. Besides, some people say that they grill can “wake up” at night and “talk” to no one. This can be an issue for you, so be aware.

Lynx Grill Features And Design

If you like cooking during evenings, the grill will light up the area with its interior light. There is also a good amount of storage that is secured by magnetic doors. You can put the fuel there. Speaking of design, it’s one of the hottest grills I’ve ever used. The cast burners are fantastic. They are durable, heavy and strong and will work for years to come. This is the quality we expect from Lynx, who claims to produce the best grills on the market. It comes with high degree of attention to the little details that you can see in its welded seams and counter balances hood.

As for the accessories, with Lynx Grill you get a rotisserie attachment made of stainless steel – just like the grill itself – with a motor powered by the grill. You will also get a smoker box and a carbon vinyl cover. You can get an infrared burner and side burners, as well. These options are extra, for experienced cooks.

The Lynx Grill App

The app is everything you need to operate the grill and it has a bunch of useful features. You can quickly create your own recipes or use the ones that your app already has. Some users say that measurements in these recipes aren’t the best sometimes but they can give you an idea of what you can do. Many people prefer to use their own recipes and then share them with other Lynx Grill owners.

Arguably, the best feature of the app is the reminder that tells you when you need to flip your food. When you have a barbecue party, you can easily get distracted and forget about your delicious foods. With the app, you will keep everything from over-charring.

The Warranty

Lynx comes with a lifetime warranty and most of its parts are warranted for 5 years. If you invest in this grill, you are going to be throwing much more cookouts, and your guests will be amazed because we are sure they have never seen anything like this.