Grills have long been a staple of outdoor cooking. Who doesn’t love a hot steak cooked over an open flame? Unfortunately, buying a grill isn’t as simple as it used to be. Aspiring grill masters now have to consider different brands, sizes, fuels, styles, and much more.

Any grill you choose will give you fantastic results when you cook. But some homeowners say that different types of fuel yield different tastes, while others favor a particular style. How can you find the right grill for your backyard? Check out this outdoor grill comparison of some of Creekstone’s best products.

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How Big is the Grill?

Grills come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny grills designed to cook one meal to massive grills built into an outdoor kitchen island. Naturally, bigger grills will cost more and likely have more features than their smaller counterparts. A casual backyard chef may be content with a small, simple grill. But what if you frequently entertain large groups of people? A smaller grill won’t be able to keep up with the amount of cooking necessary for big parties. Homeowners who often have friends over for dinner may prefer a bigger, fancier grill.

Pro Tip: Most types of grills allow for indirect cooking–cooking your food next to the heat source rather than directly over it. This method allows you to cook thicker cuts of meat slowly without burning the outside.

What Fuel Does the Grill Need?

At Creekstone, we carry grills that take one of three kinds of fuel: gas, pellets, and charcoal. Many veteran grillmasters swear by charcoal grills and claim they provide the best smoky flavor on a freshly grilled steak. Others disagree, however. It’s also somewhat common to hear people claim that gas grills produce the same flavor as charcoal grills, and much faster! You may hear similar claims about pellet grills since they also preheat quickly.

The type of fuel you choose should depend on a few factors. First of all, do you believe the fuel makes a significant difference in taste? Second, which fuel can you easily and consistently purchase to keep your grill going? And finally, are there any restrictions about grilling where you live? Some apartment complexes have rules against electric grills on the porch, for instance. Know your own preferences and any restrictions you may have to deal with.

Does It Come with a Warranty?

Grill manufacturers are confident in their products, and it shows. The vast majority of worthwhile grill models come with at least a 10-year warranty. Hopefully you’ll never need it, but it’s always a good idea to opt for a model with a warranty. Choose a high-quality grill made of durable materials and consult with our backyard renovation experts for details on its warranty.

Which Grill is Right for You?

No matter the brand, size, or fuel, any grill on the market has its own advantages and disadvantages. But don’t evaluate the grills on their own without considering how they’ll fit in your backyard. Do you have room for a massive grill? Do you have guests over often and a small grill just doesn’t have enough space? Consider every possible factor before you make your purchase.

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