Custom Outdoor Kitchen and Cabana - Fire Pit view by Creekstone Outdoor Living in Houston Texas

Backyard fireplace is one of the most popular landscaping features out of them all. It’s an attractive place where you can gather with family and friends and spend a nice evening whether you have a special occasion or not. Fireplace is a guarantee of cozy atmosphere and many are willing to invest time and money to build one in their backyard. However, without a thoroughly thought plan building a fireplace would bring lots of troubles. So, before rushing into it, consider your budget, design and materials that will complement the overall design of your backyard. There are so many styles available that anyone can find a perfect option, be it a classical theme like country or a mix of several elements that create a unique look.

Stone fireplace
No one can argue with the fact that stone is the most durable material you can find. Stone fireplaces enhance any backyard style, be it a contemporary design or an old world feels style. These fireplaces will last for many generations, it’s easy to clean and maintain them and they are also weather-resistant. You can choose marble, natural stone, granite, limestone and slate that come in different colors. Granite is the easiest one to clean, but doesn’t have such variety of styles as other materials. There are also veneer stones – lighter and cheaper material, which is made of real stones but it’s easier to work with it.

Fire pits
Fire pits can be open and enclosed and differ in materials and style. If you like the campfire feel, then this is a perfect choice for you. Fire pits will bring this feeling in your backyard, or you can take them to the beach, desert or woods. And don’t forget that fire pits can do more than just heat – you can use them to cook and grill.
The most common material is copper, and there are three shapes to choose from – rectangular, round or square. Fire pits also have a sparkle screen that prevents sparks from flying away and lets fresh air in.
You can also choose cast iron models, which is as durable as copper but a bit cheaper. The most popular producer of fire pits is Sojoe, and they also offer fire pits made of steel.

Chimeneas look like pot belly stoves, but unlike those stoves that have been in homes for many years, chimeneas became popular just five or six years ago. The most traditional material is ceramic, but there are also iron and other chimneys that come in different shapes and sizes. Before choosing a certain style of chimney, show a professional designer your backyard so that he can customize it according to your wishes and style.