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Grilled foods are known for their unique, addictive flavor which isn’t quite easy to faithfully recreate in your regular kitchen, not even using a stovetop grill pan. They have made life easier as you can grill almost anything in your kitchen from vegetables to chicken to pork.
Since there are countless grilled foods that you can prepare, we’re only going to feature three that are suitable for an outdoor environment in winters. In addition, the following are also recommended by renowned grilling brands such as Fire Magic Grill, RCS Grills etc. Let’s get started:


It takes 10 minutes to prepare this recipe, about 15 minutes to cook and it serves 4 people easily. The main ingredients are:
• Olive oil,
• 1 large tomato (diced),
• 1 small red salad onion (diced),
• 1 small cucumber (chopped),
• Half yellow capsicum (diced),
• 4 tablespoon of chopped coriander,
• 1 tablespoon of seeded mustard and,
• 4 serving portions of scotch fillet steak, AKA rib eye.
You can also use cuts such as sirloin (New York Cut), blade, round eye medallion, oyster blade or topside.
Here’s how you’ll be cooking the salsa steak:
1. Prepare the salsa by mixing all the ingredients.
2. Before cooking, the steak is brushed with olive oil to ensure it doesn’t stick to the grill. However, only a little amount is required.
3. Start cooking on a hot griddle or grill. Cook each side until it’s sealed ― it takes about 2-3 minutes for boneless cuts and 3-4 minutes for cuts with bone to get sealed properly.
4. If you want your steak rare, remove it immediately from the grill. For a medium or well done steak, lower the heat to medium or high respectively.
5. Continue until you get the desired degree of “doneness” and cover it up for at least 2 minutes to retain juiciness, right before you serve it.


This is yet another popular recipe that’s been recommended by Fire Magic Grills, if you’re using their outdoor grills and appliances. It takes about 25 minutes to prepare and cook, and can easily serve 4 people. Unlike the salsa steak, it doesn’t require olive oil, which makes it less calorically dense ― ideal for the weight-conscious.
The ingredients used in a java pepper steak that serves four are:
•1.5 pound tenderloin grilling steaks,
•4 teaspoon fine ground coffee,
•4 teaspoon ground black pepper (should be fresh),
•2 tablespoon ground cumin and,
•Salt (according to your taste).
Here’s how the java pepper steak is prepared:
• First, preheat the BBQ or broiler to get the best doneness possible.
• Next, combine all the ingredients and put them in a re-sealable freezer bag; put each steak separately in the bag then shake it up for an even coating.
•It’s time to grill the steaks. Use a BBQ, broil or pan (we prefer BBQ) and grill the steaks until you get the desired level of doneness.


Sometimes, you just don’t feel like having ‘meaty meals’ and want to go with something that’s sweet, delicious to eat and can be prepared on a grill. Molly Fowler’s grilled fruit is the perfect recipe to fulfill that desire.
The ingredients are:
• Half cup Greek yogurt,
• Half tablespoon vanilla,
• 1 medium lemon zest,
• 6 tablespoon Greek honey,
• A handful of lavender flowers,
• 6 figs cut in half (if available) and,
• 3 large seasonal fruit such as nectarines, plums, peaches or apricots.
Olive oil is also used to ensure that the food items do not stick to the BBQ or grill.
Here is how it’s cooked:
1. First, brush nectarine halves (any seasonal fruit) with olive oil.
2. Grill the fruits on a hot grill until grill marks form nicely.
3. Combine yogurt, lemon zest and vanilla while the fruit is being grilled.
4. When you’re serving nectarines, ensure that they’re warm ― serve it with a dollop of yogurt, drizzled honey and sprinkled with a few lavender flowers. If fresh figs are desired, use them as garnish.
We understand that three recipes only may not satisfy your cravings and you might want to know more about other mouth-watering recipes. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep yourself updated with our newsletter and blogs so that the next time we publish an interesting and informative article (like this one), you’re immediately notified.