According to the HPBA, Americans have always liked living outdoors. However, since the advent of the modern era, the lifestyle of an average American has changed drastically. Today, outdoor living isn’t just limited to a hibachi, picnic table and a few folding chairs. It’s now more about transitioning your indoor experience to an outdoor space ― a yard, for example. A well-rounded outdoor space might consist of these three basic elements:

  1. Appliance(s) to cook
  2. Dining table with chairs
  3. Hearth or fireplace

What’s interesting is that many homeowners now prefer to install a patio or deck. This is because they want to make their outdoor living similar to an indoor environment, but with the added benefits of outdoor living. According to the HPBA, homeowners are now installing outdoor fireplaces, luxurious firepits, outdoor lightening etc., to make the most of the winter season and the evenings. Still, a deck and patio are one of the most commonly integrated features.

Why is there a higher demand for covered outdoor spaces today? What makes them so unique that even most home buyers tend to look for houses with a patio or deck installed in their outdoor room?

Here are some of the benefits that make covered outdoor spaces better than uncovered ones:

Better Temperature Control

Start a fire and you’re in for a magical experience ― the ambiance it creates is nothing short of spectacular. We don’t quite know why lighting up a fire has this mesmerizing effect on us but it certainly has its charm. However, if your outdoor space is uncovered and you prefer having large groups of people over, most of your guests would be freezing and only a few would get to enjoy the cozy experience.

Having a patio or deck above your outdoor space dramatically slows down the rate at which heat escapes. According to the laws of thermodynamics, heat always rises and escapes upwards. A proper ceiling helps prevent this heat from escaping the room and allows it to remain warm for a longer period of time. Having an outdoor room with a patio or deck installed would fill your space with enough heat to provide  a homely feeling and evenly balances out cold air throughout the space.

Avoid Weather Damage

We all know how savage weather can be at times. Without warning, it can tear structures and even entire buildings to shreds. However, installing weatherproof covers can help prevent such disasters. This is one of the many reasons why people prefer to have a weatherproof patio or deck installed on top of their outdoor room.

Many homeowners desire to maximum convenience while accessing their outdoor kitchen and you can too by installing appliances and the hearth permanently. This ensures that a proper cover is installed which not only looks great but also prevents your goods from ageing or wearing out prematurely.

Covered Spaces Look More Attractive

There is a major reason why home buyers look for patios or decks installed outdoors ― they find it attractive and a lot more conductive to social gatherings and parties. Patios were once used as foundations and bases for outdoor kitchens. But due to their rigidness and beauty, they are now considered a perfect option for providing overhead cover to outdoor spaces.

It is also an asset that can increase the value of your house by a wide margin. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, homebuyers are willing to pay higher premiums for houses that have a patio installed.

Transcend the Wall of Your Home

When you set up an outdoor kitchen or room, you’re actually adding more space to accommodate more people. In simple terms, you’re changing a lifeless area into a lively and comfortable one, which can be enjoyed indoors. Covering up that outdoor space seamlessly integrates it with your home.

Final Verdict

It really pays to proper cover up your outdoor space whether it’s winter or summer. You get a cozy, comfortable and warm atmosphere[2] [3]  in the winter season and in summers, you can avoid harmful UV rays that can cause skin burns and even cancer due to prolonged exposure. Having a suitable roof also helps weatherproof the area, which prevents any kind of damage to your property. In addition, you can safely enjoy the weather outdoors when it’s raining heavily, for instance.

While there are a plethora of other reasons that clearly demonstrate the benefits of having a covered outdoor space, we are certain that the ones mentioned above are quite sufficient for you to decide whether you should cover up your own outdoor living space or not.