When thinking about backyard design, there are many things to consider. If you make the wrong decisions during the design process, changes could end up costing you more in the long run. Here are some of the top do’s and don’ts to consider when planning your backyard design.

Backyard Design Do’s

With the proper backyard design, your outdoor living space can become the perfect after-work retreat, a great play space for the kiddos, or an ideal place for entertaining. Here are the top things you do need for a successful backyard design:

Get A Solid Plan

Before you begin, get a solid plan in mind. Sketch out your ideas on paper and make sure to consider the size of your yard and what it will be used for. Take a moment to stand at the far back corner of your yard and imagine the design possibilities. Share on X Take notes and get ideas from websites, television shows, and magazines.

Use Native Plants

To help ease your upkeep, choose plants native to your area. This ensures your landscaping will hold up to the climate and weather changes. Native plants will be less maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your backyard, rather than tending to it.

Landscape Lighting

The right landscape lighting can instantly add charm and character to your home. Lighting can accent your favorite areas of the yard, add security, and curb appeal. There are many options for outdoor lighting, such as LED lights, string lights, lanterns, and sconces.

Develop a Focal Point

Create a focal point in your yard with an element that stands out, such as a water fountain, outdoor kitchen, natural pond, or an outdoor fireplace. This makes sure your yard isn’t boring or simply a lawn of grass. Adding a focal point also helps cut down on yard maintenance, too.

Hire a Landscape Designer

The easiest way to stay away from the pitfalls of backyard design is to hire a landscape professional to help with the planning and installation. A landscape designer will know what plants work best and where, and will save you a lot of hassle and hard work.

Backyard Don’ts

There are some backyard don’ts that need to taken seriously or they could pose problems in the future. Here are the top don’ts you need to remember when planning your backyard design:

Plant Invasive Species

Some plants like to spread and grow and take over. They might look pretty, but you don’t want an invasive plant species in your backyard. Make sure to ask a landscape professional about which plants will cause issues in the long-term.

Forget the Hardscape

Don’t forget to add hardscape! Hardscape adds character and keeps your yard from being a bore. A pergola with flowering vines, or an outdoor kitchen, or a covered patio are the perfect additions to your backyard design!

Plant Basic Beds

Don’t go for basic beds with a hedge. Add color and depth by planting a variety of plants of different sizes. Mix and match colors and objects to create a one of a kind look that is sure to dazzle your neighbors and add curb appeal.

Plant Trees Too Close

Be careful about planting trees too close to the house, walkways, or hardscapes. Make sure to do research on any trees you plan to plant to see how much space they need when fully grown.

Do’s & Don’ts of Backyard Design

Backyard design can make your backyard the perfect place for relaxing, entertaining, and hang out with loved ones if you choose the right design options. Make sure to follow these do’s and don’ts when you are ready to create your perfect outdoor space.

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