Did you just purchase a new Big Green Egg grill? Or are you considering purchasing one and wondering what all the fuss is? This grill has created a cult following, and it’s no secret why. The Big Green Egg’s design differences allow for multiple cooking styles, helping you cook up the tastiest vittles around.

How to Grill in a Big Green Egg

So, how do you create perfect meals time and time again in your ceramic, egg-shaped grill? If you’re new to this amazing device, don’t be intimidated. You’ll be grilling up delectable meats in no time. It’s easy to cook up perfect plates of food with the Big Green Egg. Follow these five grilling tips for the perfect meal every time. Share on X

1) Natural Lump Charcoal

Always choose natural lump charcoal when using your Big Green Egg. Because of its unique shape, your grill works as an oversized chimney, meaning no lighter fluid is necessary! Make sure to open all the vents and lid when first lighting your charcoal, then close it after 7-10 minutes until your grill reaches the perfect temperature.

2) Burp Your Big Green Egg

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Yes, it says ‘burp’ your Big Green Egg. Once your egg is hot, do not open the lid immediately. Instead, raise the lid a few inches to release a little heat. Do this a couple times to help prevent a blast of ‘back flash’.

3) The Perfect Temperature

Getting to the perfect temperature on your Egg is imperative to grilling mouthwatering meats and meals. For direct grilling, open top vents wide and heat to 600 to 700 degrees. When your meat juices drip down, they will send fragrant smoke up, giving your food an unforgettable taste and aroma.

4) ConvEGGtor

If indirect cooking is your choice, install the convEGGtor in the top of the bottom section of the firebox. This heavy, 3-legged plate lets you slow cook the perfect meal.

5) Slow Smoking

You can also slow smoke meats and fish in your Big Green Egg, too! Add the normal amount of charcoal and then mix in two handfuls of hardwood chips. Close the lid after starting your coals, and let the grill reach your desired temperature. The fire will spread slowly, allowing as much as 16 to 18 hours of cooking on a single load of charcoal.

ProTip: Whether you enjoy cooking indirectly, directly, or slow smoking your meats, the Big Green Egg lets you do it all, making it the right tool for the perfect meal every time.

Get Cooking on Your Big Green Egg

With fall here, there is no better time for inviting over friends and family and grilling up a delicious meal. Visit your local outdoor appliance shop to talk to a professional about getting your own Big Green Egg. You, too, will be an Egg-head before you know it.

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