Summer doesn’t officially end until September 22nd, so make the most of what’s left of summer by getting together with friends and loved ones to celebrate the kiddos heading back to school! Take advantage of the weekend by getting outside and spending time with friends and family. Click To Tweet

Weekend Entertainment For All

There are so many different options for things to do on Saturday and Sunday. Here are six great ways to get out and make some lasting memories.

  1. Take a Mini Road Trip
  2. Head to the Forest for a Hike
  3. Explore the Museum
  4. Host an Al Fresco Party
  5. A Day at the Lake
  6. Family Game Time

1) Take a Mini Road Trip

Weekends are the perfect excuse to pack up a bag, load everyone into the car and head someone for a short road trip. Find a new place to explore within a couple hours of you and have fun on your weekend adventure.

2) Head to the Forest for a Hike

Another great option is to disconnect and head to the forest for a hike. If you live near Houston, there are many great National Forests that aren’t too far. Consider the Sam Houston National Forest, the Davy Crockett National Forest, or the Lone Star Hiking Trail to take in some wildlife, recreation, and exploration this weekend.

3) Explore the Museum

If being outside isn’t your thing, take the family to a museum to spend the day learning about science, dinosaurs, butterflies, or space. The museum district of Houston is bustling with 19 different museums for your to spend the day.

4) Host an Al Fresco Party

If leaving home doesn’t sound appealing, why not invite the party to your home? Have your friends and family join you as you host the most epic al fresco party ever! Fire up the grill in your outdoor kitchen and make sure everyone brings their swimsuits and a towel for some swimming fun.

5) A Day at the Lake

Like National Forests and Museums, there are a number of lakes around the area to spend your time. Head out to Lake Livingston, Lake Houston, or Lake Conroe and rent a canoe or turn your lake adventure into a weekend camping trip.

6) Family Game Time

You can keep it low-key this weekend by staying home and having a family game time. Whether you all sit inside playing board games or use your outdoor living space and pool to create a game of obstacles, a family game day is sure to create memories to last.

Making the Most of Your Weekend

Whether you plan to venture out or stay home and relax, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your labor day weekend. Get creative and enjoy your last days of summer!

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